Next Level Worship Sponsorships: An Inside Look

by Suzanne Provagna

Two months ago Next Level Worship International had its “Kick-off” for the six month mentoring program for African SL’s (Sponsored Leaders). Both US worship leaders and African worship leaders were excited to find out who they were paired with and to start getting to know each other. US leaders had invested money to pay for quality Bible studies on praise and worship and to get those resources into the hands of their SL’s. This was the first step.

The second step is where the gold was found. These resources on praise and worship spark imagination, self-reflection, and most importantly – motivate you AND the sponsored leader to dive deeper into God’s Word. Getting the materials into the hands of worship leaders across the ocean is the first step. Studying together and mentoring your worship leader is where the friendship and true discipling begins.

There are a variety of ways to communicate with SL’s such as: e-mail, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or IMO. We are committed to communicate at least two times a month. There are a couple of worship leaders that communicate with their SL’s several times a week.

This is how the program is structured. There are three US team leaders and three African team leaders. My team has eight worship leaders from the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Maine, Indiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We chat online every month and post weekly on a closed FB page to pray for each other and to talk about victories or challenges. Questions or ideas are communicated to the team leaders. US team leaders report to Dwayne Moore, president of NLWI, and the African team leaders report to Pastor Donald Kutala, the NLWI Director for Zambia.

An added bonus to the program is getting to know the US worship leaders on our team. We can feel God’s hand on Next Level Worship International and it continually brings us together in humbleness and awe. I am inspired by the worship leaders and NLWI partners all across the US who have selflessly given their prayers, time, and money to reach across the ocean and influence others to teach biblical musical worship! To God be all glory!!!


To learn more about NLW’s impact around the world, check out the missions page here. If you are interested applying for the upcoming season of sponsorships, email us at


Guest post written by Suzanne Provagna. Suzanne lives in Ohio with her family and is a team leader for NLWI.

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