Honoring Billy Graham For His Faithfulness

I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Graham during one of his crusades in the late 90’s. I was with a small group of evangelists that Dr. Graham’s team was training and pouring into. Upon meeting Dr. Graham, I was immediately impressed by his humility and sincerity, as he took time to shake our hands and show interest in each of us. After that meeting, one of the gentlemen that was with us said, “Billy Graham doesn’t even realize who he is.” What a compliment that was, and how true.

Over the years, Dr. Graham remained faithful to his call and clear in his Gospel message. The video we are sharing is from a tech conference at which Dr. Graham spoke in 1998. His speech is full of humor and application for the tech-minded people in his audience. Yet, as he always did, he made a beeline for the cross and spoke to their greatest need.

We share this video here, so NLWI can honor his memory and bless your hearts! Enjoy! — Dwayne Moore

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