Ministry Leaders Need to Take a Retreat!

As a person in full-time ministry, I’ve learned the importance of taking a retreat. Life and ministry can oftentimes be overwhelming, and at times even hurtful to your body and soul. We must find healing and hope daily through an intimate relationship with God, and sometimes we need to get away, retreat, and go deeper in our relationship with Him. Here are some thoughts on how to retreat:

  1. Retreat to a place where distractions are limited. For me, I try to find a cabin in the woods where I can be disconnected from internet. It may look different for you. Just find a physical place where you can eliminate those things that will take you away from retreating (internet, kids, calls, people, etc.)
  2. Make seeking the Lord your first priority. When I retreat, I like to take a book and practice a discipline. One of my favorite retreat books is called Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. It is a small book that I can read and apply while away. There are many spiritual disciplines to practice while retreating, such as prayer, fasting, and Scripture reading.
  3. Have some fun! Your body needs some relaxation and fun. When I retreat, I like to find a place with a lake where I can hike and fish. Being in nature helps me connect with God, and I can have a great, refreshing time as well. You should come home from your retreat energized and excited about what God has shared with you.
  4. Set goals. When you get away, try and accomplish a set of goals. For example, sometimes I take a retreat for one night to plan worship sets. My goal is to seek God and ask the Spirit to lead me in songs and Scriptures for the next month of Sunday worship. Set a goal and try to accomplish it.

Set a date today!

ministry leaders need a retreat

If you don’t make retreating an intentional part of your ministry, time will slip away and you will never make it happen. Get online today and find a place that meets your retreat needs.


In the comments below, share some ways that help you better retreat!

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