God is on the Move Around the World

In May, we learned one of our free resources, Building Strong Worship Leaders, was translated into Vietnamese. This was quite a shock considering we had no idea a church in Hanoi had taken on this huge task. The following quote is from the website which offers the free Vietnamese version:

For churches, building a strong ministry of worship is always a great need, including our Hanoi Church. Realizing this is a necessary task to raise a generation of adjoining worship for the Church, the Communications Department introduces you to the book “Building strong worship leaders.” After more than 1 year of applying for copyright, translation and content editing, we officially publish this book through the Blog of Worship… This book is organized by Next Level Worship to issue the copyright in Vietnam for the Communication Department – Hanoi Evangelical Church…

We probably should not have been surprised by this news because, unfortunately, we hear similar stories all the time. Currently, we are coaching three Kenyan leaders in our online weekly classes. Every week, these worship leaders faithfully get up at 3:00 am their time to attend the coaching courses!

George, a worship pastor in Nairobi, told us, “I am pleading with whoever is able to support [NLW International] to come back again… I am coming to realize I am a walking temple and that the people in Kenya, we can literally bring the glory of God to their lives, to their homes, to the nation to change the way we are thinking.”

There is a tremendous hunger but massive lack of resources for church leaders looking to grow in their ministries. What is most amazing about these stories is that we do initiate most of these invitations and conversations. We are simply doing what we’ve always done, make our discipleship resources available and pass on what the Lord has taught us.

God is opening all the doors. Clearly His hand is on our ministry as we see how we have been able to impact thousands of lives. We are grateful to be a part of meeting this need, and we praise Him for all He is doing!

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