Don’t Forget About Hur

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Whether you are a pastor, a worship leader, or a member of the praise team then you know what it is to be front and center. You understand the rush of adrenalin when you walk out onto the stage. You know what it is like to receive the praise and accolades of those around you as they say, “great job”, “wonderful sermon”, or “I love your voice”. But what about those unsung heroes?

In Exodus 17 we see the account of Israel defeating the Amalekites. During this scene we find three great leaders mentioned; Moses, Aaron and Joshua. Moses of course is the leader of all Israel and famous for leading them out of bondage in Egypt. Aaron was Moses brother and the high priest. Joshua was leading the army into battle and would someday take Moses’ place as the leader of Israel. All three men are well known and are featured prominently in the Old Testament. Just like many of you, these men understood what it meant to be front and center. However today, I want to look at one of the unsung and often overlooked heroes of the faith. I want us to look at a man named Hur.

Not a lot is known about Hur. From the account in Exodus 17 we simply know that he was a companion to Moses and Aaron. In chapter 24 of Exodus when Moses and Joshua depart to climb the mountain and accept God’s covenant he tells the people that “Aaron and Hur will remain here with you” so I feel it is safe to say that Hur was not only a companion but a trusted friend and perhaps had some influence. And even though he is a relative unknown and undoubtedly felt more comfortable behind the scenes, the Children of Israel prevailed in battle because of the quiet determination and efforts of Hur.

A very brief summary of the story is that as Israel battled the Amalekites, whenever Moses held his hands up as a sign of intercession, Israel prevailed in the battle. When Moses’ hands were allowed to fall, Amalek prevailed. After a while, Moses became too weary to hold his own hands up so Aaron and Hur stepped up and held Moses’ hands up until the battle was finished. In my mind, they are the true heroes of the day! Of these two, Hur is the unknown. Here is a man about whom we know next to nothing, yet he enabled an entire nation to see a great victory!

While many of us do stand in front of the congregation from week to week there are countless others behind the scenes making what we do possible. Like Hur there are those who are willing to take the second seat. Those who are willing to make up the second line. People who are often unnoticed, un-thanked and under-appreciated. People who perform a function in the Body of Christ that is so vital, but who never get the recognition they deserve.

I’m talking about the people who run the sound or handle the video presentations. The people who handle the lighting and make certain that the stage is set up and ready to go. These are the people who spend hours and hours working behind the scenes to make certain that those of us on the stage every week look and sound our best!

People look at and listen to us from week to week and many are impressed by what we do. They are grateful that the praise team sounds so good or that they have a gifted speaker who can take any subject and make it sound exciting. But too often they fail to realize that the praise team sounds so good because someone spent hours mixing and blending the voices and instruments until it sounded perfect. They don’t think that one of the reasons the sermons are so engaging is because a dedicated soul spent hours designing an engaging background or producing a fantastic video that helps illustrate the point the speaker is making. We often take for granted that there will always be a bulletin or hot coffee or a clean worship center. We forget that someone must take out the trash, scrub the toilets and mop the floors.

For everyone of us who is front and center on the stage each week there are many more invaluable people involved in the background. They are invisible investors who are committed to working hard for God’s Kingdom. They are often overlooked, unrecognized and, like Hur, relatively unknown. But truly it is these individuals who “win the battle” and help us achieve victory.

If you are Hur, one of those invisible investors, then please allow me to take a moment and say, “Thank you! I want to compliment you on a job well done and I want you to know that I appreciate all that you do for the Kingdom.”

If you are a pastor, a worship leader, a member of the praise team or anyone else who finds themselves out front and being recognized; then please don’t forget about Hur. Take a moment to think about the person (or persons) in your life that work tirelessly without recognition to prop you up and make you look good. Think about how you could not do what you do if it were not for them and their invisible investments. Say a prayer for them and then send them a handwritten note thanking them for all they do. Take them to lunch or better yet, consider having an “Invisible Investors Day” at your church to formally and publicly recognize who they are and what they do. The problem with this last suggestion is that by nature most “Hurs” don’t like the attention and shy away from recognition. But whatever you do, don’t forget about Hur!


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