Fall in Love with God, not Worship

Man raising hands in praiseI’m working on a new devotional book for worship leaders. Here’s an excerpt. I’d love to hear what you think! Thanks!

When we see God as we should we will worship him as we ought. Martin Lloyd-Jones wrote, “Unless we understand what the Bible tells us about God, our worship can never be real.”

Our goal is not to fall in love with worship. Our goal is to fall in love with God. As we begin to see how lovely, awesome and amazing he is, our focus will turn away from other things that would compete for our attention. God is a jealous God.He said, “I will have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3) When we abandon hope in all other sources and place our faith in the Lord God alone, He will always prove Himself to be the one and only God.

In 1 Kings 18 Elijah put the prophets of Baal to the test, saying whichever god – theirs or his -answered by fire, then that was the true God. From morning until night the Baal prophets begged their god to answer them. They even cut themselves and shouted frantically. But no fire ever fell on their altar. Then Elijah had a total of twelve large jars of water poured on the offering. God came through for Elijah, sending flames that devoured both wood and water. The people responded to God’s fiery answer by shouting repeatedly, The Lord – He is God!”

Unfortunately, some of us still need to be reminded that God is God and we are not.Of course, we could invest our entire lives on learning about God and still not come close to knowing everything about Him. The reason is simple: God is incomprehensible. We cannot know all there is to be known about him. Yet, everything he allows us to discover only causes us to love him more.


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