Created to Praise Him in a Unique Way

I received the following note in an email a lady sent me this morning. She and her husband along with her entire church are beginning our Praise More Powerful worship study. I think you’ll agree that her passion and love for the Lord is both encouraging and convicting. Oh, that we would all share in this kind of joy in Jesus! This saint of God loves to praise Him, and it shows! She also expressed a deep insight into why her praise to God is special and unique. Read what she wrote, and see for yourself!

Good Morning, Dwayne!

We have been going through your devotional journal. I have even started memorizing my verses. I am really excited to experience this, and I am really praying that our entire congregation is lit on fire as a result of what God is going to do through His Word in all of our lives. I admit just the mental picture of Jehoshaphat and all the people of Judah on their faces in worship before the LORD has just ripped me to the core. So may God take me to places I have never been before.

I was listening to Chris Tomlin this morning, and I heard something in the Indescribable song I had never paid much attention to before, and I am just praising God this morning! The line says, “Every creature unique in the song that it sings.” I was looking behind our house at the trees standing tall pointing toward the heavens, and realizing how they are singing their praises before the Lord exactly in the way He created them to praise Him.

Even today, when I sit and wonder about my purpose in the kingdom, I realize I was created to praise Him in a unique way. I want to think about that every day and purposefully direct my intentions to fulfill that.

I don’t mean to ramble, I just want you to be encouraged that God is using what He placed in your heart to write to bring His people to the place He meant for us to be all along! Isn’t that exciting?!?

Becky H.

  • For more information about Dwayne’s worship study, Praise More Powerful, go here.


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