More Thoughts on the Title “Worship Leader”

Recently, someone wrote us the following comment about my article, “Worship Leader Is Still a Good Title.” He said, “Whether worship leader is the most accurate description or not depends on our definition of the word ‘worship.’ If worship is ‘to feel in the heart’ as A.W. Tozer has said, then we may never know if we are ‘leading worship.’…we

Books We Recommend Page Added!

We are excited to announce a much-needed new resource on our website! On our Books We Recommend page you will find lots of great books that our team has personally read and enjoyed. While many are on worship, there are several other topics covered as well. We will be adding to this page as we discover more

Next Level Worship Invited to Lead in AL State Conference

Our good friend, Keith Hibbs, has invited us to help lead a worship leader state-wide conference in May. Part of Alabama Southern Baptists' Leader Connect emphasis, this conference at Shocco Springs Conference Center near Talledega, AL is for all the associational music directors across the state. I will be leading worship conferences in Botswana, Africa during this time. Thus, John Martin,

“Worship Leader” Is Still a Good Title

Of late, the term worship leader has come upon hard times. ‘Seems that titles like “lead worshiper” or “worship facilitator” or even “song leader” are more in vogue. I appreciate the careful thought and articulation of my colleagues who want to better define what we do each week when we stand in front of other believers

Audio Teaching Sessions Now Online!

We have just placed two teaching sessions on this site! I recently led a worship conference in Fort Payne, AL. These are recordings from that conference. Let us know what you think. Thanks! Enjoy! (You will need the Shockwave Flash Player to listen to these files. If you don't have Flash active on your computer,

NLW to be sponsor at National Worship Leader Conference

We are excited to announce that Next Level Worship is sponsoring the Spiritual Growth track at the National Worship Leader Conference in July of 2008. Our ministry exists to provide resources for Believers to be transformed into true, whole-life worshipers of God who impact this world. Sponsoring the Spiritual Growth track perfectly represents who we

Chord Chart for “Send Me” Commitment Chorus

Send Me is a simple-to-teach chorus that can be used during a time of commitment to missions and witnessing or to challenge Believers to share their faith. This song also works well in missions conferences. Please feel free to download the chord chart below and use this song in your church. The demo I recorded

Music Leaders Tips for Working with Your Pastor

I have been blessed to have great working relationships with all of my pastors in the churches I’ve worked in over the past 25 years. Below are some nuggets of proven wisdom that I’ve picked up along the way. These are excerpted from Week 5 of my worship study, Praise More Powerful. They are based from

Practical Team-Building Tips for Your Praise Band

Guest Post by Chris Knox:  The “good ole days” of traveling with my husband in a Christian rock band are long gone.  We’ve “grown up”, had four children, and have excitedly accepted the God-given calling to build a worship culture at our church.  I describe that culture as combining the ingredients of music and art