How To Lead Without the Title Worship Leader

Here’s the outline for one of the sessions I’m teaching at the AL Next Level Worship Conference on Saturday, August 15, 2009. Still need some ideas/stories/input about this topic. I hope to make this into a full article soon. — Dwayne

To lead w/out the title worship leader, one must be:

  1. Satisfied (in second place)
  2. Submissive
  3. Servant-oriented
  4. Spirit-filled
  5. Smart
    a. Look in the mirror–Would you follow you?
    -Are you dependable?
    -Are you daring?
    -Are you delightful?
    b. Look for opportunities.
    -Where’s the need?
    -Who should lead?
    -Then plant the seed.
    c. Look to the Lord…
    -for your motivation
    -for your ministry
    -for your maturity
    -during your mistakes

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