Here’s the outline for one of the sessions I’m teaching at the AL Next Level Worship Conference on Saturday, August 15, 2009. Still need some ideas/stories/input about this topic. I hope to make this into a full article soon.  — Dwayne

To lead w/out the title worship leader, one must be:

  1. Satisfied (in second place)
  2. Submissive
  3. Servant-oriented
  4. Spirit-filled
  5. Smart
         a. Look in the mirror–Would you follow you?
             -Are you dependable?
             -Are you daring?
             -Are you delightful?
         b. Look for opportunities.
             -Where’s the need?
             -Who should lead?
             -Then plant the seed.
         c. Look to the Lord…
             -for your motivation
             -for your ministry
             -for your maturity
             -during your mistakes