Video Interview with the Charlie Hall Band about Worship

charlie hall beach.jpgI got a chance to sit down with Passion artist, Charlie Hall and his band, this past weekend at Scott Dawson’s Strength to Stand Conference in Pigeon Forge, TN. It is no wonder Charlie has been nominated for the Best Worship Artist for 2006 in CCM’s Reader’s Choice Awards! He’s certainly got my vote! This guy is amazingly kind and approachable. He was talking to anyone and everyone back stage at the conference! He and his band definitely don’t know they’re celebrities. Clearly, they just want to honor their God. (To watch the video…)

Even though they just got finished playing in front of 23,000 people at Passion ’07 in Atlanta, they hardly mentioned it to us. Their focus wasn’t on where they’d been; but rather, it was on being faithful where God had them right at that moment. This is an amazing interview. Check it out. – Dwayne Moore

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Thanks, Charlie, for allowing me the opportunity to do this “impromptu” interview! (For the record, I have now officially purchased and listened to Flying Into Daybreak. It is everything I’d heard about it – Remarkable! And granted, Daybreak, is a much cooler name than Daylight!)

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • “The Sonic Boom of Justice”
  • Band introduces themselves
  • Drove through ice to get here
  • Not looking for external responses
  • Busting through blocades that keep us from communing with God
  • What does the word “worship” mean?
  • How we are everyday is more telling of who we
  • Cautions about the modern worship trends
  • Watch the worship of personalities and songs rather than God
  • Apply your group worship experience to everyday life
  • Tell us about your new CD
  • “It’s actually called Flying Into Daybreak
  • Unafraid to break some norms/unafraid to follow some norms
  • “We’ve never become a big deal”
  • Album has “dug into people’s hearts”
  • No grapes right now

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