Your Prayers Are Working!

Ok, who’s been praying out there? Clearly somebody has been interceding for us and knocking on the door of heaven about our recent prayer need. As we shared in an earlier post, three prominent leaders in worship (who have no idea who we are…) have been approached about our worship study, Pure Praise. We have been asking the Lord to work a miracle and allow at least one of these highly respected international leaders to say yes to writing us an endorsement.

Here’s the latest update: Not one, but two out of the three have shown great interest in our study. In fact they have both requested a manuscript and indicated they are considering writing an endorsement! If I could tell you who they are, you would probably be as amazed as we are! Praise the Lord for His divine favor and faithfulness once again!

The moral of this story: Keep on asking, seeking and knocking!! Thanks so much! More updates to come!

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