By Dwayne Moore

The following is the third a three part post on the five things worship leaders need for great stage presence. For part 2 of the post, click here!

5. Authenticity

Another vital characteristic is authenticity. This is a really important one. It’s subjective idea, because people can’t know your heart when you’re on a platform leading. However, those in your congregation who are around you from time to time through the week, they get to know you, and they have a sense of whether you are authentic.

A pastor with whom I helped start a church once said, “Great stage presence can’t be ‘staged presence’, it must be authentic.” I love that! It is so true. It can’t be staged in a sense. It’s got to be an authentic, an authenticity that’s not about performing as much as it about being who we say we are. I was talking to somebody recently who was describing another person to me. He said, “That guy is who he is. What you see is what you get”.

6. Anointing

The sixth attribute necessary for effective stage presence is anointing. This word has been taken out of context and misused over the years. Anointing doesn’t mean a person is special and almost Godlike. It doesn’t mean he or she should be elated and celebrated above others. Not at all.

In those moments–whether we’re leading from the platform, playing our instrument or running the sound board–I think God gives us the filling of His Spirit to flow through us to do the job at hand. Some might call it His favor, for that’s what it is. Like charisma, it’s divinely given from His storehouse of grace. There’s no way to manipulate it or to fake anointing. Either we are or we’re not.

I’ve been up there leading when I knew God’s hand was not on me. Have you ever been there? Have you ever sensed that? It’s a terrible feeling! Looking back I thank God for His mercy that He didn’t strike me down at that very moment. Sometimes God uses us despite ourselves. If I had to choose one characteristic out of all the things we listed today, it would definitely be anointing. I sang a song growing that said, “I won’t walk without Jesus. I won’t talk without Jesus.” The same goes for singing and especially for leading others in God-honoring worship. I won’t do it. In fact, I can’t do it alone. As Zechariah 4:6 says, “‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’says the Lord of hosts.”

So, how can we know if God will anoint us when we stand to lead? It’s really an obedience and submission factor. It’s praying before we ever mount the stage, “Lord, this is not about me. Shine through our team today. The great and awesome God will not allow any glory to be stolen from Himself. Those who truly embrace and believe that, who really want Him raised above themselves, are the very ones He can use the most to inspire, influence and illumine those they lead.

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