Updates on Dr. Vernon Whaley

We just received another update today (June 6):

Thanks for the prayer. I’m doing much, much better. I do go to Sinai Hospital on Thursday for another surgery . . . to remove the plate from the right side of my left ankle. Surgery is on Friday. If all goes well, I should be out of the hospital by Monday.

Hey everyone, I just received this email from my good friend, Dr. Vernon Whaley, who is director for the Center for Worship at Liberty University. We posted a few weeks ago about his very serious automobile accident. Several have come to our site for informaton on his condition. Below is the very latest update.

BTW, Dr. Whaley’s worship book, Called To Worship, will be released May 13th and in stores June 6th! It’s a great read (and I had the privilege to be one of the endorsers for it!) So along with praying for him, cheer Dr. Whaley up by purchasing his book!! ~ Dwayne

I’m actually better. My left ankle has to do a great deal of healing yet. I’m walking on my right leg with a walker. The left leg needs needs your prayer that two open wounds will heal and grow new tissue. LOTS of metal in one of the wounds yet to be covered by tissue. The staph infection is better and under control. I’m on IV antibiotics every day. This is a VERY strong medication (and expensive). Please do continue to pray for me. I have an appointment with a bone infection doctor at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore on May 27th. Pray that the Lord will intervene so that it will not be necessary to have additional surgery. Thanks for asking. Thanks for praying.

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