Four Worship Philosophies

My good friend, Charles Billingsley, has written a strong and insightful article that I want to pass on to you. It’s called Worship: Four American Philosophies. Below is an excerpt. Go here to read the entire article. Blessings! ~Dwayne

Excerpt from article by Charles Billingsley:

I am certainly not an expert, but I hope to bring to light a few current philosophies of worship that I believe are prevelant in today’s American culture.

Philosophy 1 – performance based churches – Mind’s attention begets hearts affection

Philosophy 2 – passion based worship – hearts affection begets mind’s attention

Philosophy 3 – culturally based worship – relevance begets mind’s attention begets heart’s affection

Phlilosophy 4 – service based worship – service begets relevance begets mind’s attention begets hearts’s affection

Of course, most churches in America are a sort of mixed bag of each of these, but for the sake of argument I will just discuss each philosophy in its purest form and example… (Read the entire article)

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