Teaching Kids about EVIL

From Dwayne: We don’t have to define evil to children. Most kids already know what it looks like. They see it on TV, read about it on Facebook, and witness it at school. But we do need to help them understand it from God’s perspective.

With the recent school shootings in Newtown, CT, the word “evil” has been used a great deal to help describe the heinous crimes perpetrated on innocent children and teachers. Here’s a simple acrostic about evil I put together to use with my teenage boys during a family devotion time after the shooting. If you have older children, I encourage you to use it with them as well.

E — Evil is everywhere, all around us. Satan is the Evil One. Read John 16:33b and 1 Peter 5:8a.
V — Victory over evil is possible because of Jesus. Read John 16:33a&c and 1 Peter 5:9. Evil might destroy our body but it can’t touch our soul.
I — Evil starts on the inside of people. Read Matthew 15:18-19. Every evil deed begins with an evil thought. (So guard your thoughts!)
L — Love overcomes evil. Read Matthew 5:43-44 and Romans 12:19-21. Love wins in the end, because God wins and God is love. Therefore, we should love others no matter how they act and love God with all our heart and our mind!

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