Rick Warren on Worship Leading

Rick Warren and Dwayne Moore

Recently, I had the privilege to attend a “Worship Influencer’s Retreat” at Saddleback Church in CA. We met at Rancho Capistrano, which is their beautiful retreat center (formerly owned by Crystal Cathedral).

Rick Muchow, worship pastor at Saddleback, invited 12 leaders from around the US to this four-day summit on how to better disciple worship leaders. It was a honor to be invited and to be with these godly worship influencers.

On the second day, Rick Warren, senior pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life, came and invested time with us. He put his feet up on the coffee table in the living room where we were meeting and proceeded to lay some amazing wisdom on us. He taught for nearly two hours, and I took over twenty pages of notes! Everyone in the room was blown away by his candor and knowledge.

In this and more soon-to-come blog posts, I will share portions of his insightful and convicting talk. ~Dwayne

Rick Warren on planning & vision:

“We turn on a dime from one service to the next.”

“Vision is not the ability to predict the future. It’s the ability to see the opportunity at the moment and jump on it. Watch the wave, catch the wave, ride it, then know when to get off.”


On top priority for worship leaders:

“The number one quality of a worship leader is sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Not talent. God blesses heart not the gift. When heart, character & passion line up you have amazing results.”


On anointing & heart:

“I’ve never heard Rick Muchow say a prideful word.”

“If you want the power of the Holy Spirit you must have integrity, humility and generousity.”

“Rick Muchow stays ‘blessable'”.

“I’d rather stick a knife in my heart than dishonor God.”

“We have an amazing ability to lie to ourselves. ‘The heart is deceitful.'”


On humility & authenticity:

“We have 120,000 people on roll in a city of 90,000. Yet I still do hospital visits, funerals, and change diapers.”

“As one of our favorite Saddleback songs says, ‘For the cross, for the cross, for your glory, for Jesus.'”

“Humility is not something God does to you. We humble ourselves. Humble yourself before the Lord, not putting yourself down. It’s thinking more of others and not yourself.”

“I’m not crazy, but I am broken. I own up to my sins and weaknesses. I glory in my weaknesses. I think about the people I will minister to that day. Lord I love these people and you love them and they love you. This is not an audience to be feared; it’s a family to be loved.”

“Anointing comes from character, living and knowing what creates evergy. Love and authenticity create energy. Authenticity has nothing to do with style, but everything to do with the heart.”

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