Review: The Worship Initiative

The Worship Initiative has received a Choice Resource Award from NLW International. Below is a review by Christine Passig. Christine is a worship pastor. She’s also a vital part of our NLW community…

The Worship Initiative is a website that provides resources for planning worship services, but it also provides quality tools to help worship leaders and their teams hone their skills. Aside from the fact that The Worship Initiative website provides training videos, charts, and Scripture references for songs, the devotionals and articles provided are rich in Theology, grounded in God’s Word and steeped in the supremacy and beauty of Christ.

Much time, effort, and prayer have gone into the writing of these resources, providing an excellent go-to place for leaders to glean wisdom surrounding worship in addition to gaining access to training videos and transposable song charts.

The value of The Worship Initiative extends far beyond the monetary; worship leaders and team members will deepen their understanding of worship and will strengthen their appreciation of the beauty that God has created utilizing music.

Go here for The Worship Initiative

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