Pure Praise Interview on Moody Radio Florida!

Moody Radio Florida

Catch Dwayne’s interview Monday morning, May 18, at 7AM and again at 4PM!

He was be on all of these Moody stations: 90.1, 91.9, 91.1, 104.3 FM. Thanks so much! NOTE: This interview also aired on Saturday, May 23rd between 6 and 7:30 AM on the Week’s Best Interviews recap.

Quoted from WKES’ website: “A Bible study just for worship leaders, musicians and worshippers…Worship leader and author, Dwayne Moore has released a nine-week Bible study called Pure Praise. Moody Radio’s Steve Krumlauf asked Dwayne about the concept of praise and worship and whether one can be separated from the other.”

To LISTEN to the recorded interview, click on the gray arrow below.

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