by John Martin

I believe with all my heart that we need to experience a spiritual awakening in our world. The world in which we live is filled with darkness and despair. Mankind has seemingly lost hope and many have abandoned any attempt to live by a moral compass. This world needs the light and the love of Jesus Christ to shine and show them the way to go! But for a spiritual awakening to take place, then we as the children of God must experience a revival within our own hearts and lives.

On May 14, 2020, our ministry will host an Online International Praise Gathering. The theme for this gathering will be Spiritual Awakening and our hope is to gather believers from all around the world for a time of praise and focused prayer for spiritual awakening. But spiritual awakening in this world will not come if we, the people of God, are not revived. Therefore, we must prepare our hearts for revival.


I suppose no other passage in the Bible has been used more often to preach about revival than 2 Chronicles 7:14. It is a revival verse! Look at who the verse addresses: “My people, called by My Name!“. God is speaking to the people who have identified themselves with Him and His work. He is speaking to people that we would all saved.

This verse was given to Solomon at the dedication of the Temple. God had warned the people that their disobedience to His Word and commands would bring with it dire consequences for their land. Now, in verse 14, He sets forth the conditions necessary to bring revival. In this article we will look at what the bible teaches us about God’s method for revival.


Before revival can ever become a reality, the people of God must meet the four requirements mentioned in this verse. Meeting these four demands does not guarantee that revival will happen, but it does create an atmosphere in which it becomes possible and far more likely.

A Call to Preparation – Humility – This word has the idea of being “under another“. One of the things God’s people must do is to remember He is Lord! When we humble ourselves to the Lord, we are acknowledging His Lordship and headship in our lives. We are admitting our weakness and reaching out for His power. We are saying I cannot, but God can.

A Call to Prayer – Prayer – This word means just what it says – pray! It is humility in action. The praying person sees his own inability and recognizes God’s ability. This causes him to come before the Lord to seek the help he needs. Prayer is an essential ingredient in the mystery of revival! In fact, our praying may seem weak, but it will yield far more fruit than the effort demands! Therefore, let us determine that we will pray for revival! Pray in your homes, in your cars, at your jobs, in the prayer rooms, in the altars. Let us determine that we will take every moment of life as an opportunity to pray! 

A Call to Passion – Devotion – The third requirement is that of “seeking His face“. This word means to “desire something“. This idea is that we come to the place where God is the number one priority and desire of our heart! That is, nothing in life is more important, more precious or more needful to us than having God and all He has to offer.

A Call to Purity – Repentance – The phrase “turn from their wicked ways” is self-explanatory! God wants His people to stop their sinning! We are to examine our lives, identify anything that does not please the Lord or line up with His Bible, and we are to eliminate that from our lives! It sounds harder than it is, because as we humble ourselves, pray and seek His face, our sin will become increasingly clear.


If we will meet the requirements, then we create an atmosphere in which we can experience some tremendous spiritual rewards from the hand of the Lord.

God Will Hear Us – Sin hinders prayer. However, when sin is taken care of, prayer can flow unhindered to and from the throne of God! There is no more powerful force in the world than an unhindered prayer life!

God Will Help Us – God also promises to “forgive our sins“. This means that not only is the prayer line restored, but it means that we can be in close fellowship with Him. Nothing in this world compares with being able to have close communion with God Almighty! The ability to come into His presence, to worship Him, to sense His power, His peace, His joy and His presence is priceless!

God Will Heal Us – This great verse was given to Israel. They were warned that their sins would be answered by the Lord through drought. This would devastate their land and their population. However, the Lord’s promise to them is that repentance equals rain. If they will honor Him, He will honor them! If they will open their hearts, He will in turn open the heavens. In a sense, we are in the same situation today. Our homes, communities and nation have been devastated through a drought of spiritual blessings and power. If God’s children will come back to Him in genuine repentance and faith, we will see our nation impacted for and by the glory of God. We need that kind of revival!


Notice that the condition and the promise are given to “God’s people“. However, when the refreshing comes it would reach the entire nation. The implication is clear: Genuine revival affects those revived and all those around them!

If we, as a people, experience a true move of God in revival, we will see God’s power touch this world in a tremendous way! Revival in our hearts and church will create a spiritual dynamic that will impact our homes, our communities, our schools, our neighbors, our nation and our world for the glory of God!