Praise to God is Universal

sun behind clouds.jpgPraise is universal. If we could fly over the “plains of praise,” we would see many landmarks that would give us a clearer picture of just how universal and far-reaching praise to God really is.

For example, we would see that God’s people have always praised him. In our day many churches and believers are embracing greater freedom in worship. Praise is no longer just for “that denomination down the street.” However, praise to our wonderful God has actually been in vogue for thousands of years. Throughout Israel’s history, their most shining (pleasing to God) moments were when they lifted him up in praise. Whether they were kneeling quietly or being loud and joyful, they never considered what they were doing as strange or inappropriate. Praise to them was not just for the “less educated” or “less cultured.” Rather, it was every believer’s most natural response to God’s power and grace.

Another landmark is that throughout God’s Word we can find praise being given to him. The word “praise” can be found well over two hundred times in the Bible. When we include related words, that number climbs to close to five hundred!

For all eternity God will be praised. Revelation 4 – 5 details a vision John had of a glorious gathering in heaven that is yet to take place. Heaven will never stop shouting his praise! In fact at this very moment in heaven God is being praised!

Throughout creation God will be praised. All heavenly beings such as angels, living creatures and elders will praise him! Every created being including people, animals, fish, and all of nature will sing to him! David said, “The heavens declare the glory of God.” While God desires praise from his people, he demands it from his creation. One way or the other, God is going to be praised. If we keep quiet, Jesus said, “The stones will cry out.'”

Excerpt from Praise More Powerful: Insights to Transform Our Worship (c) 2006 by Dwayne Moore

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