Part 2, Customer Reviews for Pure Praise Devotional Study

Great Worship-focusing Tool!

By Monica Phillips (Montrose, CO)

Pure Praise is a great worship-focusing tool. With seven topics inside nine weeks, Mr. Moore has a potent and relevant way of focusing our attention on what we do in worship, how we do it, and why we do it.
My team and I really enjoyed building our understanding of the central passage, found in 2 Chronicles 20. This particular story is one not commonly “unpacked” for study, but it became especially influential as Mr. Moore walked us through the methods and means used by the people of Judah. I had never before viewed this particular story as one teaching on worship. Now, I’ll never forget it. We also found ourselves enjoying the group discussion tool at the back of the book, which accompanies each week’s study. Knowing I could work through the study day by day (as my team did the same) and have a tangible group tool ready to use was of great significance to me. Many of the exercises within the group discussion helped us develop community and learn more about each other. Pure Praise is a tool I will use over and over as I develop my team toward heart-felt, expressed, pure praise.

This Book Changed Our Team!

By Streeta Jayne (Phoenix, AR)

Great devotional! Even though we’ve only done the first week, it has truly changed our worship team!

Great Devotional!!!,

By Laird H. Wegner “Laird Wegner” (Blaine Mn)

This is a must-have for all worship leaders and their teams. Tom is an awesome leader and a great writer. He captures a lot of great thoughts in his book Pure Praise. You MUST read this!!

Blessed reading!

By Jane E. Stanford (New England, USA)

I am a worship leader and usually rely on Oswald Chambers to wake me up with my bible reading. It is essential, in my opinion, to walk with the Lord from the morning to evening. I have read (tried to read) many other devotionals that have laid flat like a proud spirit before the Lord. When I started to read Pure Praise I was challenged in ways Mr. Chambers had never done. I am not saying that My Utmost for His Highest is lacking, I am just saying that he has an application that is not specific for worship leaders like “Pure Praise” is. I love this devotional and will use it again and again. May God continue to use Dwayne Moore more and more….and You as you read it before the Lord and Savior.


By Daughter of the King “avidreader” (San Antonio,TX)

I received Pure Praise at the 2008 Worship Leader’s Conference. I met Dwayne Moore, after a class he taught on Worship Leading. Pure Praise is an awesome source for any leader/pastor or team member. The expression of what true worship is, embodies the heart of what God desires to hear. The term of worshiping in spirit/truth is thrown about so easily. This book gives a real in-depth yet simple approach to praise, God’s way.

Great book for Worship Teams!

By Mike Dishner

For some time now, our worship teams have been going through various books during one of our Sunday morning service times. It’s been a great way to share with each other, study God’s word and challenge each other to keep on growing spiritually. We started Pure Praise earlier this year and have really enjoyed this little book. It’s divided up into smaller sections so it’s more manageable; there are 5 studies each week so you can catch up if you miss a day and Dwayne is teaching from the Bible about worship – not his personal biases!

I’ve received so many positive comments from our teams. They are enjoying the format, the scripture readings and how practical Dwayne’s teaching is. It’s not just a “fill-in-the-blank” kind of book. You get to sit and think about the topic, spend time in prayer and then discuss it with friends.

I highly recommend this book!

Mike Dishner
New Heights Church
Vancouver, WA

An Awesome Tool for Anyone

By C. Underwood “Godchaser” (Texas)

Pure Praise has been such a blessing to me, and since to the worship team at my church. It has brought such clarity and light to true worship, and what that entails. We pray daily for God to make us transparent, and this study has brought us so much closer to that. A definate must have tool for any worship team.

Absolutely Worth the Read over and over

By Dawn R. Chamblin (Reno, NV)

I found this to be a valuable resource and and inspiring book to get not only myself going in the right direction with praise, but our congregation as well. I give a small exhortation at our church prior to our praise and worship beginning and use excerpts from the book frequently. This book really hits the high points of what praise is all about.

Great teaching resource

By Sunan R. Sutton (Salem, OR)

I have been a worship leader for the last 14 years and I used Pure Praise at a christian discipleship school to teach on worship. It is concise and easy to follow. There are some interactive aspects to the study too. It is a great resource for worship musicians as well as all worshipers in general. I have read many books on worship and this book was another good read and study on the subject of worship.

Great Team Resource!

By chipper (TN)

I originally came across the Pure Praise study while searching the web and out of curiosity decided to check it out. I did the first few lessons and was hooked. I was so impressed, I decided to go through it with my whole worship leadership team. It has proven to be very insightful and practical with great interactive group activities.

Great Worship Tool

By Verna Thompson

I came upon Pure Praise while searching for something that would encourage and motivate our worship team to see worship from God’s perspective. I discovered Pure Praise and I immediately knew that it was the tool needed to catapult our worship experience to the next level. Pure Praise is an indepth “Heart focused Bible Study” on worship. It addresses every aspect of worship from a true biblical standpoint. Going through this study has truly enriched the worship experience in our church.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a study on worship that is geared toward transforming you both inwardly and outwardly.


By Jason Eaton (Seattle, WA USA)

I just recently excepted a new position at a church as Worship Pastor and when I heard about Pure Praise I knew this book could be a focal point for my new band. So bought the book and me and my band took a chapter a week and talked through the book. Using the book not only as a personal study but as a study we talked about what God was teaching us before every practice! THis book truly is incredible and is a great resource for any worship pastor and his team. I would encourage every worship pastor and his team to use this sunday. What you find i the pages will focus and center your team on basic truth about worship and our response to our great God. Everyone needs this book.

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