Part 1, Customer Reviews for Pure Praise Devotional Study

Excellent resource!!

By WilliamCAbraham (Tampa, FL United States)

I first heard about Pure Praise, A Heart-Focused Bible Study on Worship from Rick Warren’s weekly e-mail to pastors. I’m a minister at a university campus-focussed church and a member of the worship team. After reading Pure Praise, my depth of worship has dramatically increased. Moore has written a book that is extremely approachable and easy to relate to for young people, but also has a lot of meat for the more mature. He’s written a good blend of material that focuses on the Lord, worshipers in the Bible, and practical advice for modern worshipers. He is respectful of denominational differences and recognizes that some forms of worship aren’t as “popular” today. He encourages the reader to step out of their comfort zone and into a place of Pure Praise.

The way I read the book each morning was with my Bible program and a notebook (Word document) open. I recorded 17 pages of scriptures, Strong’s Concordance references, quotes, and notes that I find myself referring to frequently. [I’m starting to write worship songs and have found a lot of song ideas in the themes of the book. The same would hold true for Word study topics, sermon topics, etc.]

The book is not meant to be read cover-to-cover in one sitting, but rather it drives you daily to the Word and to prayer.

Here is a brief rundown of the weekly topics:
Week One: Understanding Worship
Week Two: Understanding Praise
Week Three: The God We Worship
Week Four: Hearing God’s Voice
Week Five: Five essentials of effective worship services
Week Six: Qualities of Leadership
Week Seven: Using Our Tools Wisely
Week Eight: 5 goals for lead worshipers
Week Nine: Five Keys to Finishing Well

I have now given my copy to our worship leader in hopes that our whole worship team might go through the study. If you’ve gotten this far in the review, I’d advise you to spend the few bucks to buy it. You’ll find it is money well invested!

Great individual or group study

By R. Burgess “MandoRon” (Wichita, KS USA)

This is a great study for pastors, worship leaders, singers, musicians, or even members of the congregation. The author, Dwayne Moore, does a great job of leading us closer to the heart of God. It’s not just about music and song choices, but learning to worship God with every fiber of your being.

The study is nine weeks, five lessons per week. Each lesson takes about 20 minutes, and is grounded in scripture and prayer. The study centers on the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20.

My relationship with God has grown much stronger, and I’ve learned what it truly means to worship God.


By RonSco “Ronsco”

We used this book as a devotional for our praise team practices. It only took a few minutes and it was really helpful in preparing our team for worship each week. The devotion started with Scripture and had verses located through out the devotion. I recommend this resource to all worship leaders, and to anyone who just wants to know how to Worship Jesus in a more personal way. Great Resource!

Pure Praise is great for your entire worship team

By Brian C. Schwarberg (Illinois)

Our worship team has increasingly become better in musicianship the past few years, but we felt we needed to increase their spiritual growth. We struggled with what study we could do together as a team, and finally decided on Pure Praise because it focused on the heart, more than musicianship. In addition to going through this study with our musicians, we have included our tech team, because the study applies to everyone involved on Sunday mornings.

We have nearly 40 people going through the study, and each week we post our thoughts/reflections on our worship arts blog so we can journey together through these 9 weeks.

From the comments on the blog and the personal responses I have received, people are growing in the walk with the Lord, and with each other through this study. They are gaining an understanding of what worship is, and what is necessary to value the presence of God in our lives.

I would highly recommend this study for individuals or teams who are involved in leading others in worship.

Great ways to Study God and Worship God better

By Chris Deeves

This book/study is a great way to learn and grow and appreciate God. The fact it’s designed and aimed at worshippers and those who lead worship music times in churches, it’s great stuff!

Pure Praise, a must have study, on True Worship!

By Jeffrey D. Nielsen (Alabama, USA)

Friends, many good and detailed reviews have been given here about this book, I feel I cannot add much more to what has already been written except from a personal perspective on the Author! Dwayne Moore is a Friend and a Mentor, A man I know that has a true Heart for the Lord and a deep desire to see HIM WORSHIPED IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. In Christianity Character means everything, and the man whom God has inspired to present this teaching, to whomever will listen, has that Christian character evident in His life! I was near to him when he first started this project and I can tell you that you will be blessed not just by the material and information given here, but by the heart of the man who wrote it! Prayfuly consider introducing this teaching into your church and you will be blessed! This work goes a long way to putting to an end the foolish, divisive and ignorant controversies Satan has placed around this subject of worship in the Church! I highly recommend it!


By Amber S. Salter

This book was wonderful! Many might question the fact that it is a nine week study and just not want to commit to something for that long, but it was so good you cant wait for the next day’s lesson. I am the worship leader at our church and I believe that no matter how much you think you know about true worship, this book will challenge and change you!

Excellent resource for worship teams and their leaders!!!

By Cinnamon Vanzandt

I am the worship leader at my church. I started Pure Praise with my team right after it was released. It changed our whole dynamic and approach to worship. It helped us realize our true God given roles and what part that played in the function of our church. We gained a deeper understanding of true worship and began seeing more freedom in our worship. I loved the format of the book. The daily lessons were as deep as you wanted to take the time to make them. Each lesson ends with sort of a challenge to help you apply what you are learning and reflect on the teaching. It is awesome! I would definitely recommend it to all worship teams!

Life Changing Experience

By Rogenia Wilson (Winnsboro, LA USA)

Where do I start? I was speaking to my Lord and knew there was more that I needed to know about praise and worship. Something was missing and I had no clue. I heard about the book of Pure Praise. As I was searching the internet, the Lord led me to “Next Worship Level Study Group.” I honestly thought this course was not for me, because I was not a praise and worship leader. How wrong was I? I am one of the ministers at Cathedral of Love & Faith Church. After being in the study group for several weeks, things begin to happen and change for me. My level of worship took on a whole new meaning.

I strongly recommend the book and the study group to pastors, worship leaders, singers, musicians, or even members of the congregation. The author, Dwayne Moore, does a fantastic job of leading us closer to the heart of God. The course is not just about music and song; but learning and gaining a deeper level of worship and relationship with God.

I have even brought the book and given it as gifts to many. Even after spending nine weeks of study; I have begun again with the lessons on my own. My relationship with God has grown much stronger, and I’ve learned what it truly means to worship and praise God. II Chronicles 20:21 “And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the LORD, and that should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army, and to say, Praise the LORD; for his mercy endures for ever.” Now, my prayer is that Dwayne be able to conduct a seminar at my church one day.


By Donald A. Francis

I have to admit up front that I cheated. I picked up Pure Praise to look over on vacation last winter. It’s supposed to be a 9 week study but I couldn’t put it down and finished it in about 7 days. Not only did it draw me to Christ, it also drew others to Him as it inspired a Sunday morning sermon series in my own pulpit on the life of King Jehosophat of ancient Judah. I have nothing but pure praise for this book!

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