Worship Study Revitalizes Entire Choir!

Praise More PowerfulToday I received a phone call from a worship leader at a church in Marion, Arkansas. His choir and musicians have all been going through our worship study, Praise More Powerful. He said I could quote him on what he told me, so here goes:
He said that he has never seen his choir so excited to come to practices. They can’t wait to come and talk about what they are learning in the study! In fact, he is having almost 100% attendance every week!
What’s more: They are realizing their responsibilities as worship leaders. He told me their church went to two morning services a couple years ago. Since then he has never been able to get more than a few to come and sing in the second service. However, this past Sunday they had a full choir in both the early and the later services! In his words, “It is no coincidence that they are right now going through this study and learning their roles as lead worshipers.”
Thank God for how he is using this tool to help worship leaders! Our God is amazingly faithful and wise and good!

**For more information about the Praise More Powerful worship study, click here.


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