Worship Ministry Ideas for Christmas!

Worship Ministry Ideas for ChristmasIt’s that time of year again! As you plan your church services this year for Christmas, we wanted to give you some different ministry ideas that you and your worship team could do to reach others in a new way! These are just some ideas, and we’d love hear yours! Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you’re doing this year to share the Christmas message.


Drive-thru Christmas

Drive-thru Christmas is 9 amazing scenes with live cast that people watch from the warmth of their cars while they listen to powerful narration about each scene on a CD or mp3 player. DTC, as we call it, isn’t just a phenomenal evangelistic event; it also brings our church family together like nothing else we do.

Our volunteers invested many hours together, working side-by-side to accomplish something huge for the Kingdom and for our church. Electricians, painters, construction workers, cooks, greeters, actors, artists, traffic directors and prayer warriors—there’s an important and necessary role for every person to play. Fortunately, most of the actors don’t need great acting ability–so almost anyone can be in the DTC cast! One of the most powerful internal benefits of Drive-thru Christmas is how it involves so many of our students and young adults. How much they enjoy it is evidenced by how often they post pictures and comments on social media before and during the event.

NOTE: If you’re interested in doing Drive-thru Christmas, let us help you! We’ll be glad to consult with you to help train your leaders. Just contact us and shoot us an email, and we’ll set up a time to talk with you on the phone.


Caroling in the Home

“Caroling in the Home” is a new twist on caroling. Instead of your group going from house to house to sing to the neighbors, the neighbors come to you! It’s a great way to meet new people and represent your church and the Lord out in your community!

Here’s how it works: A host home within a neighborhood invites their neighbors to attend a night of carols presented by your church. The host home serves cider and hot chocolate and the neighbors sit and enjoy carols led by singers and musicians from your worship ministry. Be sure to have someone in your group read the Christmas story and share the Gospel as part of your caroling concert. If you have a large choir or group of singers, consider splitting up and doing homes in multiple neighborhoods. It’s also good for your group to meet in advance and rehearse your songs together, so you’ll sound great when you sing!


Service Projects

Taking time this Christmas season to serve with your team can be an invaluable experience for your team, and it also blesses others! Planning and leading Christmas services can be stressful sometimes, and it’s good to step away from all that for a few hours and serve someone. It keeps us humble and helps us remember the reason for everything. Take your team with you for a great team ministry experience!

It’s easy to do. Just take some time to recognize the needs around you. For example, maybe you can serve hot chocolate to the bus drivers at your local school on a cold morning in December. Give them an invite card to your Christmas services while you’re at it! If you want to make this an even bigger, more impactful ministry opportunity, involve your whole church in service projects this Christmas that reach out and serve your community.

The team at Next Level Worship is praying for you this Christmas! May God be glorified and lifted high as we share hope this season.

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