Video Interview with Spur 58 about Worship and Songwriting

spur 58.gifThis past weekend I had the chance to sit down and have a nice long chat with a great up and coming worship band called Spur 58. I’ve known these guys for a while, but every time I get around them I love their hearts and passion for the Lord even more. Do yourself a favor and listen to this entire interview. You’ll laugh and be entertained and informed, but mostly, you’ll be challenged in your own walk with God. I know I was! Thanks, gentlemen, for loving Jesus and leading others to love Him too! – Dwayne Moore (To watch this video…)

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Aaron’s old, stained piano-turned-keyboard
  • Band introduces themselves
  • About Spur 58
  • What is true worship?
  • Can’t depend on responsiveness of crowd
  • How do you keep from feeling like “stars”?
  • Worth is not found in how people perceive us
  • How long does it take you to write and prepare new songs?
  • What Spur 58 does for fun
  • Chad goes to school for fun
  • Kids and cats and married guys
  • For guys/gals who want to be in a Christian band one day
  • Stay faithful where you are
  • Some are in churches; some are on the road – one’s not better than the other
  • Be your best for God’s glory
  • God has to form the band with like-minded people
  • Where to find Spur 58’s music
  • “That was easy”!

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