Study Finds Pastors “Too Busy for God”

OK, an article in this week’s edition of Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox hit me hard. Our ministry is right now in the midst of launching a major church-wide emphasis on worship (called 30 Days of Praise). At the heart of its purpose is to get people to slow down and make time daily to focus on God and His Word and to deliberately worship Him.

Yet, I’ve been so “busy” doing this good thing that I have neglected the best thing: making time for God myself! Oh God, please forgive my weak justifications and ill-founded excuses for not investing time every day with You! – Dwayne

Below is an excerpt from the article by Michael Ireland. Go here to read the entire and convicting piece.

Almost six out of every 10 Christians around the world feel their hectic schedule prevents them from spending more time with God. And when it comes to pastors, the statistics are just as sobering, a new survey reveals.

That’s what a Charleston Southern professor found after polling more than 20,000 Christians from 139 countries about the busyness of their lives and how it affects their relationship with God, according to a new survey whose findings were posted to

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