Sally Morgenthaler Endorses Pure Praise Worship Study!

Sally Morgenthaler

“If you feel like God has left the building, your life, or both, hold that thought. Because Dwayne Moore is going to teach you how God wants to saturate every nook and cranny, every nano-second of your existence. A mind and soul journey into the heart of God, Pure Praise is the primer for worship leaders. It is a much needed ‘recalibration,’ and there’s nothing out there that’s as simple, condensed, and fit for group as well as individual study.” — Sally Morgenthaler, author of Worship Evangelism

[Sally Morgenthaler is recognized as an innovator in Christian practices worldwide. Since 1992, she has been pioneering new worship forms characterized by both cultural relevance and worship faithfulness. Known best for her book Worship Evangelism (Zondervan, 1998), Morgenthaler became a trusted interpreter of postmodern culture and a guide to the crucial shifts the North American church must make if it’s to have a transforming presence within pre-Christian communities.]

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