Rick Warren on Training Worship Leaders

Rick Warren and Dwayne Moore


This is the second post in my series from Rick Warren’s teaching at Rancho Capistrano during our Worship Influencers’ Retreat. (See Rick Warren on Worship Leading for more details and explanation.) ~Dwayne


Rick Warren on Training Worship Leaders:
1. Teach them to worship, not lead worship. Music is God’s gift for expressing emotion. Others will be attracted. You can’t fake humility in worship.

In spirit and truth. 3 qualifications:
1. spirit
2. truth
3. orderly fashion

1 & 2 are both authentic and accurate, doctrinal and devotional.

The way to tell if you’re congregation is worshiping. Turn the camera on them and see their faces (when they think no one is watching).

I look for someone who is a worshiper themselves.

Not charisma, it’s character. Charisma doesn’t move people. It goes back to the devotional life of the worshiper themselves.
2. Teach them how to prepare to worship.

Song has to grab me first.

Rule: If I don’t feel it, I’m not gonna teach it.

Develop pre-game ritual that sets you in the groove spiritually.

If you have four hours to work on the sermon or you, then work on you.

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