Podcasting Your Worship Service

I asked my friend, Terry Hadaway, to share his insights about podcasting. Along with his amazing writing and church education ministry, Terry and his son, Daniel, have a powerful internet ministry, called Audio Interactions. They help several churches and well-known Christian leaders produce their podcasts. (You may know Terry as the author who wrote the study guide for Max Lucado’s latest book, Facing Your Giants.) Thanks, Terry, for lending us some much needed info and encouragement! – Dwayne
Guest Post by Dr. Terry Hadaway
terryhadaway.jpgPodcasting has become so popular that the term recently was added to the dictionary. Yet many people have yet to capitalize on this incredible technology. How can podcasting extend the reach of your ministry? Let’s look at a few ways.
1. Support for members who are away. Ours is a mobile society and there is a good possibility that people will miss one or more weeks of a four-part worship series. Podcasting makes it easy for those people who are traveling to catch up on this week’s services while they drive, fly, or jog.
2. Support for military personnel. Most congregations have some connection to military personnel. Podcasting provides a touch of home to those men and women who are serving our country.
3. Outreach. Your podcasted worship service might be listened to by someone who isn’t ready to walk into a church. Maybe the things that are said and the sonds that are sung will put that person at ease so that a visit to your church isn’t so difficult afterall.
4. Support for members who are serving. Some volunteers never get the chance to attend worship because they are serving in other ministries in the church. By podcasting your services, you can make it possible for those volunteers to hear what’s going on while they serve.
NOTE from Dwayne: There are even more benefits to podcasting. But you might be thinking, “I don’t know if we can do it.” Well, you can! And it’s more affordable than you think! My friends at Audio Interactions can professionally produce your podcast without straining your resources or your budget. So, make 2007 the year you start podcasting your services… why not?
Terry can be contacted at: terry at rapidfirelearning dot com.


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