Impact Profile: Timothy Simwanza

Name: Timothy Simwanza

Country: Zambia Africa

Role: Worship Leader

Timothy’s Story

My name is Timothy Simwanza, a worship leader at a local church called Ebenezer Worship Center, in Chongwe Lusaka Zambia. I was introduced to Next Level Worship in 2016, when there was a video conference organized in Chongwe.  We were invited, along with a few worship leaders from around the region.  Our church in Chongwe hosted the video conference and the speaker was Pastor Donald Kutala.,

Pastor Donald introduced Next Level Worship to us, the vision and how Next Level Worship works with churches and worship leaders.  That was when I was introduced for the first time to the three directions of worship.

After the video conference, I was picked along with others on the team, to be sponsored in a mentoring relationship with a worship leader in the United States. I was so excited about the opportunity to learn more about praise and worship from different people in other places!  During the time, Shaun Stinson from the USA sponsored me; I had a very wonderful experience with him.

The following year in 2017 Chongwe was privileged  to host the Next Level Worship intensive school, and wow, what an opportunity to meet face to face with Dwayne Moore and the team!  I knew it was  going to be an awesome experience and for sure it was. In August 2017, the intensive school was held and it was a powerful worship experience!  I learned about biblical worship.

Through my on-going relationship with Next Level Worship I have learned to be a good leader.  NLW has selected me to be part of the lead team in Zambia!  I had a further opportunity to be part of the online coaching class that Next Level Worship offers.  That was another level of knowledge from international renowned teachers, lecturers and worshiper leaders.

In 2019 in Zimbabwe, I was part of the team that was taking the piano class and leading worship rehearsal with Dawn Kelly. After learning about biblical worship, NLW International was teaching me how to teach others and become a better leader. I am now doing the legacy phase another online worship course with NLW International for 10 weeks that focuses on being a great leader and leaving behind a legacy.

NLWI’s Impact

Overall, I have become a different person all together with a deeper understanding of worship. I am leading a team at my local church and am a leader in the interdenominational worship team in Chongwe that teaches people from different churches about biblical worship.

“Get involved with NLW International! The opportunities for your own growth, as well as helping others to grow, are enormous. Partner with NLW, dream God sized dreams, and experience your worship ministry growing inward, upward, and outward.”

Timothy Simwanza

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