Dwayne Leads Worship at Atlanta Fest

Dwayne had the incredible opportunity to lead and teach on worship each day at Atlanta Fest!

He also sang and played for the invitation times when Scott Dawson and Jay Strack spoke. Atlanta Fest 2012 had close to 20,000 in attendance. Helping Dwayne lead worship was the Station Praise Band from the Station Church, where Dwayne is the worship pastor in Birmingham.

We are very grateful for this tremendous opportunity to serve. We so appreciate the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association for inviting Dwayne Moore and the Station Band to this year’s Atlanta Fest.

(In this picture Dwayne is playing Casting Crowns’ piano. A huge thanks to Megan Garrett of Crowns, who was so kind to let Dwayne use it during the invitation time, which was right before they did their concert on Saturday night!)


  • Henry Menard

    Thank you for bringing your team to Atlanta Fest. I could feel the Holy spirit in your worship. To God be the Glory for Station Church.
    Blessings, Henry

  • Carolyn Rains

    WOW. I was just thinking back at the beginning at FBC Pulaski and you teaching our small choir to Lead Praise and Worship. Blessings to you Dwayne. Miss you being around.

  • Next Level Worship

    Hey Carolyn! So good to hear from you! Thanks for leaving this comment. I too remember those good ‘ole days at Pulaski! Loved every time I was with y’all. Love you and your family. Please tell everyone hello! –Dwayne

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