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A huge shout-out and thanks to Julie Reid and Jeremy Armstrong of Worship Leader Magazine for featuring my blogsite this month! They also featured my Christmas article back in December. I am honored and greatly appreciative! Please take some time to look around my site. We have over 80 articles as well as many other

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      Pastors.com and Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox readers, thank you for reading my article, 4 Levels of Effectiveness among Worship Leaders, in this week’s edition of the Ministry Toolbox, and thank you so much for coming to our blogsite! We are honored that you would take a moment and visit us our website here at

Respecting Each Other’s Music Styles in Worship

The following is an excerpt from Week 7 of my worship study, Praise More Powerful. This is pulled from Day 2 which is entitled, “It Is about Sensitivity.” Enjoy! – Dwayne Any song that honors God and is scripturally accurate is, in fact, “suitable” to be sung at church. However, not every song is suitable every time the church

Pastor: Worship Leader or Lead Worshiper?

Guest Post by John Martin:     As senior pastors, if we are fortunate enough to have a praise and worship person who really wants to do a quality job, we often breath a sigh of relief and say, “I’m glad that is taken care of.  It’s one less thing for me to worry about.”  Then each

3 Levels of Learning a Song

This week on American Idol several would-be idols were instantly disqualified because they forgot their lyrics. This is an embarrassment any of us who sing solos can relate to. If we’ve sung much at all, we’ve “made up the words” at some point! However, truly learning a song means more than just memorizing some words. In fact,

Our Mission Here at Next Level Worship

I have known for some time now that Colossians 1:28-29 is to be the theme scripture for our ministry through Next Level Worship, LLC. However, during my quiet time this morning, the Lord clearly showed me 5 reasons why this is to be our mission statement. Please understand that the devotional writing below is from very personal thoughts I journaled

An Effective Corporate Worship Approach

A good friend, Michael Moore, sent me a graphic he designed that is based on a simple approach his church leaders use as they plan their worship services. Michael is a former college roommate of mine and pastor at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Virginia. (For the record, no, we’re not kin – but I’d sure claim him if I could!) This

Interview with Scott Dawson about Artists and Evangelism

Scott Dawson took a few moments out of his very busy schedule this past weekend to give us his insights about artists. As he and I sat backstage of his Strength To Stand Conference for students, we discussed the role and importance he sees that Christian artists play in evangelistic events. I’ve had the privilege to be Scott’s

Video Interview with the Charlie Hall Band about Worship

I got a chance to sit down with Passion artist, Charlie Hall and his band, this past weekend at Scott Dawson’s Strength to Stand Conference in Pigeon Forge, TN. It is no wonder Charlie has been nominated for the Best Worship Artist for 2006 in CCM’s Reader’s Choice Awards! He’s certainly got my vote! This

Video Interview with Joel Engle about Worship

My friend, Joel Engle, was kind enough to give me about 10 minutes of his time for an interview between praise sets this past weekend. He was leading worship at Scott Dawson’s Strength to Stand Conference in Pigeon Forge, TN. Joel is an anointed worship artist, song-writer and author. He has a contagious passion for God