What Would We Do Without Friends?

Today is my birthday–and it’s been a terrific day! Days like this remind me of how incredibly blessed I am to have so many wonderful friends with whom I’ve crossed paths over the years. I’ve been inundated with Facebook and Twitter messages, cards and phone calls all day long–all with sincere wishes of happiness and a great birthday. If you were one of those folks today, thank you so very much.

I know the value of friends–because there was a season in my life several years ago when I had no friends. If you’ve read Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship, you may recall that I talked briefly about a difficult trial I went through in middle school. For two full years I had no friends at school, no one who could or cared to relate to my determination to live for Christ. When I made a clear stand, my so-called friends evaparated. They no longer wanted to hang out with me, and in fact several of them taunted me and picked on me during those years.

I had to learn to lean on Jesus, because–at school at least–Jesus was all I had. Jesus became my best friend. Looking back, I now see how God used that time to teach me that valuable lesson. But I was so glad when that season was over and God flooded me with tons of friends in high school! And I’ve had scores of them ever since–strong Christian friends who’ve stuck with me "closer than a brother."

Thank You Lord for the friends You give us in life. Most of all, thank You for being our best friend of all–even when we don’t act so "friendly" toward You,..


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