mentoringBelow are 12 things we should and should not expect when mentoring someone. I’ve developed and applied these important directives over several years of mentoring. They are based on how Jesus poured into His disciples. –Dwayne Moore

Boundaries and Expectations When Mentoring

1. Don’t expect to become close friends for life–but do expect to become friends.
2. Don’t expect to be available to them 24/7–but do expect to be available.
3. Don’t expect to meet their emotional needs and fix their issues–but do expect to help them.
4. Don’t expect to be their counselor (that’s God’s job)–but do expect to advise and encourage them.
5. Don’t expect to know everything and answer all their questions–but do expect to pass on what God is teaching you.
6. Don’t expect them to grow fast and catch on quick–but do expect them to grow.
7. Don’t expect them to agree with everything you say–but do expect them to listen.
8. Don’t expect them to do everything you ask–but do expect them to try.
9. Don’t expect that everyone you mentor will last (some may fall)–but do expect to never give up on them or stop praying for them.
10. Don’t expect to never grow tired and discouraged–but do expect the Lord to refresh you and give you the strength and margin you need.
11. Don’t expect to retire from mentoring–but do expect God to keep sending you people to pour into.
12. Don’t expect mentoring to be your highest priority (it shouldn’t be)–but expect it to be a high priority.

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