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Next Level Worship Creed

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This is our new Creed at Next Level Worship! It sums up what we teach and help churches and worship ministries do. It is thorough, wholistic and biblical in its approach and contents. May every worship ministry and praise team embrace these goals, steps and pledges! Next Level Worship has developed materials and resources to help…

Bill Bright’s 30 Lessons on Evangelism & Follow-up

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By Dwayne Moore I’ve enjoyed reading about the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ ( The book is called Amazing Faith: The Authorized Biography of Bill Bright. While reading, I came across a list Bill wrote down of “some of the lessons I have learned about evangelism and follow-up through the years.” One of the most important outflows…

How Worship Ministry Is Like Football

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By Dwayne Moore .  We see our Worship Arts Ministry at Valley View Church as helping to serve the overall purposes of our church. We’re not a stand-alone entity that operates separately from the other vital ministries within our church. The best way I know to explain our unique philosophy and approach to ministry is…


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