Worship In the Midst of Tragedy at VA Tech

va tech shooting praying students.jpgI received this email today from a friend who pastors just north of Blacksburg, VA where the Virginia Tech shootings took place earlier this week. Michael is a former college roommate of mine and pastor at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Virginia. This is an example of how God can be worshiped and glorified even in the midst of tragedy…


Last night our church hosted a community prayer service for the Virginia Tech community. We had 8 churches represented with 9 pastors leading the service. We had music, singing, solos, and even an interpretive dance team perform. The pastors read scripture and lead in specific prayers for the VT community.

We also had several VT students and alumni light 33 candles to honor the memory of the deceased.

I made a brief presentation of the Gospel and I found out later that one VT student was not a Christian. I pray that he heard and will accept Jesus today.

Several people commented that is was the most spiritually moving service they had ever attended. The moving of God’s Spirit was obvious during the service.

God overwhelmed us with his presence last night. My heart is still trembling this morning.

God bless,


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