Chord Chart for “Send Me” Commitment Chorus

Send Me is a simple-to-teach chorus that can be used during a time of commitment to missions and witnessing or to challenge Believers to share their faith. This song also works well in missions conferences. Please feel free to download the chord chart below and use this song in your church. The demo I recorded in Botswana with 100 Botswanan student missionaries is also below. (To read more about the recording and how the song was written, go here.) Enjoy! – Dwayne

Send Me

Send me, I will share Your precious story, Lord, send me. Send me, I will tell of all Your glory, Lord, send me.

I cannot go without Your power on me. I do not know unless Your Spirit show me. Help me to see all the fields around me. It’s not about me, but it’s for Your glory.

  • Words & Music by Dwayne Moore (c) 2007 Next Level Worship, llc

To download the chord chart and demo…

Chord Chart for Send Me

Demo of Send Me (Click inside the Audio MP3 box to play)

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