Thank God Skillet Is Not a “Worship” Band

skillet-concertAs I watched thousands of students and young adults rock out under the stars to the Christian Rock group, Skillet, tonight, I was reminded of a video interview I did with the lead singer, John Cooper, recently. (To watch the interview, click here.)

John — who is one of the most gracious and humble artists I’ve ever met, btw — was emphatic and clear in our interview that Skillet is not a worship band (although some who attend their concerts definitely and obviously worship!) As he explained, they are by choice first of all an entertainment band who takes a bold stand for Jesus during their self-proclaimed “shows.” He made no apology for their deliberate efforts to entertain an audience, rather than try to lead them in worship.

Tonight I got to see again their excellent and powerful performance. I got to hear John Cooper tell that adoring crowd that Jesus is his greatest passion and the only way to God. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit will remind those there tonight, who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, of what John said. And once they trust Christ as their Savior, it will be up to us as worship leaders in our local churches to teach them how to worship and to lead them in praise.

Skillet did their job: They got the attention of the lost and pointed them toward Jesus to find new life. They helped ignite passion in the hearts and minds of Christians who were drawn closer to Christ through their music and testimony. Skillet as primarily a “witness band” paved the way for worship bands to help those new and renewed believers express their love for Jesus through musical and lifestyle worship.

Rock on for Jesus, Skillet. I’m a huge fan!

— Dwayne Moore

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