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Join us for what could be one of the most intense and insightful weeks of your ministry! This is an “un-conference"–intentionally designed for a small group in a relaxed, “living room" environment. 

October 15-19, 2018 in Louisville, KY

Just added Rick Muchow!

With 25 years of experience as the worship pastor at Saddleback Church in CA, Rick knows his stuff. Rick will join us live via Skype to teach and encourage our ReIMAGINE students!

Look at all you can experience!

  • >A casual “living room" setting with an intentionally small group of worship pastors and pastors
  • >In-depth teaching and discussion on worship and leadership
  • >Customized and doable solutions and ideas for your ministry situation–no matter how small or large your church is.
  • >Individual help with YOUR leadership and presentation skills
  • >Up close and personal time with Dwayne Moore (author of Pure Praise) and other key worship influencers
  • >Very unique and intimate mentoring environment. You will NOT feel like you're in a typical conference or classroom.
  • >Behind the scenes first-hand look at worship planning and rehearsals at the host church.
  • >Earn course credits toward a worship degree at Liberty University just by attending!
  • >One price covers ALL your in-town expenses during the Intensive (lodging, meals, in-town transportation, & materials).

Don't miss out! Space is limited! Apply now!

What exactly is this?

Dwayne Moore's Worship Leader Intensive is unlike any “conference" you've probably ever been to. In fact, we like to think of it as the “un-conference." It's 5 days of powerful and encouraging Bible study and small group interaction with worship leaders just like you who want to sharpen their skills and deepen their effectiveness as ministers through music and the arts.

Why attend this rather than a major worship conference?

First of all, don't get us wrong. We love worship conferences and could recommend some great ones for you to attend. BUT, if you are looking for a hands-on, in-your-face, personalized experience where you can get your questions answered about your particular situation, then Dwayne's INTENSIVE is for you!

Dwayne loves to speak at conferences, and his ministry has organized several in the past. However, Dwayne wants worship leaders to see him and his praise team when they're not on the stage under the lights and at their “shiny best". He wants an environment where everyone can let down their guards and their facades. Ministry isn't always orchestrated and well-rehearsed. Dwayne wants worship leaders to experience life together for several intense days–sitting around on couches, talking honestly and searching deeply for ways to grow their groups and themselves.

Who can come?

    • >You must complete an application and be accepted in order to attend the Intensive. SPACE IS LIMITED to a small select group
    • >You need to be one of the main worship leaders or pastors at a church, or you feel called of God to prepare yourself to be a worship leader in a church in the future
    • >You must be willing to pass on to others what you learn from the Intensive

Where Will We Meet?

Most of our group meetings at “The Shelter" (the host church's retreat center in Scottsburg, IN) It's a wonderfully relaxed and casual setting.

What Will We Do?

The format of the week will look something like this: .        

Monday, October 15

  • Arrive that afternoon. (If you fly, we'll pick you up from the Louisville SDF airport.) We'll all meet for orientation and our first session together with Dwayne around 4PM.
  • Then that evening, we'll throw some hamburgers and chicken on the grill and just enjoy laughing, talking and getting to know each other better. No doubt we'll end the night with some intimate and spontaneous worship time together.

Tuesday, October 16

  • Tuesday morning we will begin an in-depth look at Joshua 1 as we mine for leadership gold from that story. Dwayne will pour into us and lead us through a valuable discussion of our individual ministries–about where we are and where we believe God wants us to go. We'll each look at specific things we can do (or stop doing) to help grow our team numerically and spiritually.
  • Tuesday afternoon we'll get some hands-on training at a large local church in the area on such things as loops and click tracks, sound and lights, worship planning software, etc. (Our promise is that everything we teach you will be doable in any size church, whether you're in a church of 100 or 1000.)
  • Tuesday evening we gather back at The Shelter to enjoy a powerful concert of worship led by Dwayne and members of the NLW team.

Wednesday, October 17

  • We'll hit it pretty early that morning with Dwayne. He'll give us some strong biblical teaching on leadership and ministry. Then we'll each do some evaluation time of our personal leadership skills. The goal will be to uncover some of our weak areas and find ways to strengthen them, while a lead church in the area, getting a their perspective on how they do worship ministry.
  • Wednesday afternoon we'll hear from Matt Craig, the host church's pastor on how to build strong trust and freedom from your pastor and church leaders.
  • Then Wednesday evening, we'll attend a worship team rehearsal at the host church.

Thursday, October 18

  • Thursday will be a special treat. That morning we will continue our journey through Joshua 1 as Dwayne helps you “navigate" where you believe God wants you to go next in your ministry.
  • Thursday afternoon we will have a “Listening Experience," where we get alone with God and think and pray through what He has taught us during the Intensive. For many who attend each year, this prayer & listening time is the most meaningful hour of the entire week.
  • Thursday evening we'll enjoy a great meal together.
  • Thursday's time will be worth all the money you invest on the Intensive! (But then again, the same could be said of the deep well of learning you will have already drawn from throughout the entire week with Dwayne and the other expert mentors!)
  • That evening we'll sit in on a large local church band rehearsal and then sit down over coffee to debrief on what we observed.

Friday, October 19

  • Friday morning we'll gather for our final session with Dwayne, as well as recap what we've learned and experienced throughout this unforgettable week.
  • After one final lunch together, we'll say our goodbyes and go home more focused, more renewed and more encouraged in our ministries than we have been in years–guaranteed!

The cost of the ReIMAGINE Worship Intensive is $1188, which includes ALL in-town expenses (hotel, meals, in-town transportation).

Sign up for our Worship Leader Coaching and SAVE $$ on the ReIMAGINE Intensive. Go HERE for more info.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: We offer a payment plan for all our courses.  The TOTAL cost of the ReIMAGINE Intensive is $1188. You can pay these in full or in interest-free installments. We will work with you to help make them as affordable as possible for you. If you can't pay the full amount up front, you can opt for the payment plan.

Bring another worship leader or pastor from your church and receive $500 OFF their registration fee! 

Money Back Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied that Dwayne Moore's Week-long Intensive met up to your every expectation, then after the event we will refund your money (minus $200 for partial expenses).

A limited number of donor-supported scholarships are available. Go here to apply.

ABOUT INTENSIVE LODGING: During the ReIMAGINE Intensive, registrants will either share a hotel room with another Intensive attendee (male with male and female with female) or stay in home of a church member. If you do not wish to stay in a home or share a room, you may request a private hotel room for an additional $400.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Should you not be able to attend the Intensive for a valid reason, then you may cancel before August 1 and receive a full refund (minus 15% for admin costs). If you cancel between August 1 and September 15, you can receive a 50% refund. If you cancel between September 16 and September 30, you can receive a 25% refund. There will be no refunds given for cancellations happening after September 30. To cancel you will need to submit your valid reason in writing via email to office [at] .

Please complete the application below to be considered for the ReIMAGINE Intensive.

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Application for ReIMAGINE Worship Intensive
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