ReFOCUS Online Worship Retreat

Join Dwayne Moore, Tim Timmons, Matt Morris, Constance Cherry, Scot Longyear, Jon Tyner, Vernon Whaley, Joseph Mwila, Mike Harland, Destiny Africa Choir and more for 3 refreshing days of teaching & worship!

THEME is Leading Worship in a COVID World

Our online worship retreat is unique because of our emphasis on small groups and building friendships with other leaders. Don’t miss this amazing experience! Register your team today!

This video is for churches hosting local cluster groups for ReFOCUS to share with their team.

Dwayne Moore
Dwayne Moore

Dwayne is the founder of NLW International, Inc. He has authored several books, including the best-selling Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship.

Dr. Constance Cherry

Dr. Cherry has authored several books, including The Worship Architect. She is a popular speaker with Robert Webber School of Worship and Calvin Symposium.

Scot Longyear

Scot is the conference pastor at Experience Conference in Orlando, FL each year. He’s also authored several books and pastors Maryland Community Church.

Jon Tyner
worship pastor

Jon is Minister of Music at Olive Church in Pensacola, FL. He leads musical worship, directing choir & giving overall leadership. He also enjoys racing in triathlons.

Matt Morris

Matt is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in KY. Only planted 3 years ago, Cornerstone has already become one of the largest & fastest-growing churches in Louisville.

Mike Harland

Mike is highly respected among church worship leaders. Serving as President of Lifeway Worship for several years, Mike is now back on the front lines serving at First Baptist of Jackson, MS.

Tim Timmons

Since a diagnosis of incurable cancer in 2001, Tim has become a well-loved recording artist, worship leader & songwriter, touring with the likes of Mercy Me & Phil Wickham.

Destiny Africa Choir
traveling student choir

Destiny Africa is part of Destiny Africa School of Worship in Uganda. Each year the choir travels in the US & Canada, singing with amazing passion & harmony!

Stephen Moore

Stephen is lead singer/front man for Carrollton. He is an accomplished song-writer and worship leader and part of the NLW International team.

Dr. Vernon Whaley

Dr. Whaley is Vice President of Program Development at Trevecca University in Nashville, TN. He has authored many books on worship theology and practice.

Dawn Kelley
worship leader

Dawn serves on staff with NLWI as Director of Community where she oversees our mentoring program & builds community among leaders internationally.

Dr. Joseph Mwila

Dr. Mwila is founder of Dayspring Ministries International, overseeing some 50 churches in Africa. He works internationally & is a popular speaker at conferences.

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Retreat Schedule

February 18 8:00pm – 10:30pm 
Session 1*
Includes Dwayne Moore, Matt Morris,

Mike Harland, & small groups

February 19 10:00am – 12:30pm
Session 2*
Includes Jon Tyner, Constance Cherry,
Joseph Mwila, & small groups
February 19 8:00pm – 10:30pm
Session 3*
Includes Vernon Whaley, Scot Longyear,
Destiny Africa Choir, & small groups
February 20 10:00am – 12:30pm
Session 4*
Includes Dwayne Moore, Tim Timmons & some awesome praise time!
*NOTE: Times listed are in Eastern (New York) time.



What is the ReFOCUS Worship Retreat?2020-10-08T10:32:10-05:00

The ReFOCUS Worship Retreat is a multiple day retreat designed to bring worship leaders, worship team members, pastors, and worship school students (practically anyone can benefit!) together for a time of refreshing praise, relevant teaching and refocusing. What makes our retreat unique is our focus on small groups and building friendships.

Where is the retreat held?2020-10-08T10:32:44-05:00

Typically, we hold the retreat in the beautiful town of Pigeon Forge, TN. However, due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 and social distancing concerns the decision has been made to hold the entire retreat virtually. We hope and plan to return to an in-person gathering in 2022.

Would the retreat benefit tech people and non-worship leader team members?2020-10-08T10:33:08-05:00

Absolutely! All the sessions will have application for both musicians and technicians. We will talk about team building and being effective in whatever role they’re in. The small group meetings will also be good times to discuss ways to apply what they learn in the sessions to each individual’s role. There will be a strong emphasis on leadership training and on serving each other, so the retreat will be especially good for team members you’re targeting for leadership roles.

What is the schedule for the retreat?2020-10-08T10:34:54-05:00

February 18 8:00pm – 10:30pm Session 1* (Includes Dwayne Moore, Matt Morris, Mike Harland, & small groups)

February 19 10:00am – 12:30pm Session 2* (Includes Jon Tyner, Constance Cherry, Joseph Mwila, & small groups)

February 19 8:00pm – 10:30pm Session 3* (Includes Vernon Whaley, Scot Longyear, Destiny Africa Choir, & small groups)

February 20 10:00am – 12:30pm Session 4* (Includes Dwayne Moore, Tim Timmons & some awesome praise time!)

*NOTE: Times listed are in Eastern (New York) time.

How do I register and pay for my team and me?2020-10-08T10:36:10-05:00
  1. Go to https://nlwi.regfox.com/refocusretreat.
  2. Scroll down to Registration section. Select your registration option, either a Personal Pass option or a Host Pass option. Groups of 5 or less should use the Personal Pass option and fill in information for each person attending by clicking the “Add Registrant” button. All fields are required.
  3. Enter coupon code (if applicable) and click “Apply.”
  4. Enter the billing information.
  5. Once all information has been entered, click “Submit.”
  6. You should receive a confirmation email at the email address provided during registration.
  7. If you have any trouble or questions registering, please call us at 877-699-3226 or email us at office[at]nlwinternational.com.
What’s the refund policy?2020-10-08T10:37:02-05:00

You can receive a 100% refund 90 days before the event (or November 20). You can receive a 50% refund 60 days before the event (or December 20). You can receive a 25% refund 30 days before the event (or January 19 ). After January 19, no refunds will be issued but registrations can be transferred to another person at any time prior to the beginning of the conference. To claim your refund or make a transfer, you will need to email us: office[at]nextlevelworship.com

What does it mean to be an event host?2020-10-08T10:37:28-05:00

If you choose the host option you can pay one fee and host as many attendees as your facility will allow. There are some pre-requisites for being a host (high-speed internet connection, large screen for viewing with an adequate sound system, the ability to provide for small group leaders at your location, the ability to comply with local COVID-19 guidelines if applicable) and therefore after you register one of our team members will reach out to you to go over the details of hosting. If after this conversation you decide not to host, your purchase will be refunded 100% (if you agree to host at the time of the conversation with a NLW team member and then later decide to cancel the refund policy discussed in the above question will apply). As mentioned previously if you have 5 or more people wanting to participate then being a host is your best option!

Will the event be pre-recorded?2020-10-08T10:40:22-05:00

Due to internet instabilities from certain locations (we have speakers and praise teams leading from all over the world!) some sessions may be recorded in advance. However, our goal is to make as many of the sessions live and spontaneous as possible.

Will the event be recorded and those recordings made available?2020-10-08T10:43:22-05:00

We do plan to record the event. All sessions should be available for download to those who purchase a personal or group pass.

How can I best involve my team to create a truly interactive experience in an online format?2020-10-08T10:44:47-05:00

We strongly recommend gathering your team together in one central location and participate together rather than from your individual homes and offices (consider being a host church and inviting others from your community). During the praise and worship times, host locations will have the option to have their own live praise and worship time.

Here are a few tips for anyone participating in the virtual retreat:

  1. Put the schedule on your calendar and block off the time just like you would an in-person retreat.
  2. Find a room/location that is free from distractions (tv, high traffic areas, loud noises, etc.).
  3. Communicate to your family/staff/team that you are unavailable during the retreat times (when participating in a virtual event at home sometimes family members think that it is “ok to interrupt”).
Got more questions?2020-10-08T10:45:20-05:00

Call us! We’d love to chat with you! Call our office at 877-699-3226 Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm Central time. Or email us at office[at]nlwinternational.com.


Pure Praise is a study for worship teams and worshippers that strips away the glam and flash and gets back to the heart of worship. If your church’s worship is on autopilot, this nine-week study by Dwayne Moore will inspire new passion and understanding.” —Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox

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