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“An immersive global worship experience” ~Dwayne Moore, founder of ReFOCUS

ReFOCUS Retreat is coming February 23-25, 2023!

  • Live & in-person at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida
  • 10 minutes from the beautiful sands of Pensacola Beach
  • Also online for access from around the globe
  • Speakers include Dwayne Moore, David Edwards, & more!
  • Musical artists include recording artists Donald Kutala (all the way from Africa) and Testify Worship Choir from Nashville!
  • Interact with worshipers and worship teams around the world
  • An immersive, interactive, refreshing time of worship with 1000+ worshipers around the globe!
  • ONLY $49 for an Individual Pass and $349 for a Group Host Pass!

Buy a Personal Pass, OR purchase the Group Pass and have a retreat of your own! Custom pick. You can choose which messages and praise sets you want to watch alone or with your team. Both the Personal and the Group Pass come with a Retreat booklet–for daily devotionals, small group questions and session notes! The Group Pass has EVERYTHING you need to have your very own spiritually renewing retreat experience!

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ReFOCUS 23′ Personalities include…

4 powerful sessions of teaching & worship with Dwayne Moore, Donald Kutala and many others!

Theme for ReFOCUS ’23: “Prayers from the Heart”

We will address what prayer is, how we can develop a worshiping heart from prayer, and why heart-full prayer is imperative for a worship team. We will also look at practical ways to demonstrate as leaders a heart of worship in how we prepare, practice and interact with our fellow team members and congregation.

Churches and universities on multiple continents will come together online and in-person for a powerful and unique experience of worship and teaching.

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What is the ReFOCUS Worship Retreat?2022-10-04T20:57:43-05:00

The ReFOCUS Worship Retreat is a multiple day retreat designed to bring worship leaders, worship team members, pastors, and worship school students (practically anyone can benefit!) together for a time of refreshing praise, relevant teaching and refocusing. What makes our retreat unique is our focus on small groups and building friendships.

Where is the retreat held?2022-10-04T20:58:03-05:00

ReFOCUS Global Worship Retreat will be broadcast live at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, just minutes from Pensacola Beach, FL. We will also remote locations in close to 20 countries while groups will cluster together on school and church campuses. Individuals can also participate on their personal computers or phones.

Would the retreat benefit tech people and non-worship leader team members?2022-10-04T20:58:34-05:00

Absolutely! All the sessions will have application for both musicians and technicians. We will talk about team building and being effective in whatever role they’re in. The small group meetings will also be good times to discuss ways to apply what they learn in the sessions to each individual’s role. There will be a strong emphasis on leadership training and on serving each other, so the retreat will be especially good for team members you’re targeting for leadership roles.

What is the schedule for the retreat?2022-10-04T20:58:47-05:00

Thursday, February 23, 6pm MST/7pm CST/8pm EST- Session One
Friday, February 24, 8am MST/9am CST/10am EST- Session Two
Friday, February 24, 2:30pm MST/3:30pm CST/4:30pm EST – Workshops
Friday, February 24, 6pm MST/7pm CST/8pm EST- Session Three
Saturday, February 25, 8am MST/9am CST/10am EST- Session Four

Mexico City:
Thursday, February 23, 7pm  – Session One
Friday, February 24, 9am – Session Two
Friday, February 24, 3:30pm – Workshops
Friday, February 24, 7pm – Session Three
Saturday, February 25, 9am – Session Four

Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, South Africa:
Thursday, 23 February, 3:00am CAT- Session One
Friday, 24 February, 5:00pm CAT- Session Two
Friday, 24 February, 11:30pm – Workshops
Saturday, 25 February, 3:00am CAT- Session Three
Saturday, 25 February, 5:00pm CAT- Session Four

Friday, 24 February, 1:00am CAT- Session One
Friday, 24 February, 3:00pm CAT- Session Two
Friday, 24 February, 10:30pm – Workshops
Saturday, 25 February, 1:00am CAT- Session Three
Saturday, 25 February, 3:00pm CAT- Session Four

Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda:
Friday, 24 February, 4am EAT- Session One
Friday, 24 February, 6pm EAT- Session Two
Saturday, 25 February, 12:30am – Workshops
Saturday, 25 February, 4am EAT- Session Three
Saturday, 25 February, 6pm EAT- Session Four

Friday, 24 February, 7am EAT- Session One
Friday, 24 February, 9pm EAT- Session Two
Friday, 24 February, 3:30pm – Workshops
Saturday, 25 February, 7am EAT- Session Three
Saturday, 25 February, 9pm EAT- Session Four

Friday, 24 February, 7:30am  – Session One
Friday, 24 February, 9:30pm – Session Two
Saturday, 25 February, 4:00am – Workshops
Saturday, 25 February, 7:30am – Session Three
Saturday, 25 February, 9:30pm – Session Four

How do I register and pay for my team and me?2022-10-04T21:26:59-05:00
  1. Go to https://nlwi.regfox.com/refocus-global-retreat-23.
  2. Scroll down to Registration section. Select your registration option, either a Personal Pass option or a Host Pass option. Groups of 6 or less should use the Personal Pass option and fill in information for each person attending by clicking the “Add Registrant” button. All fields are required.
  3. Enter coupon code (if applicable) and click “Apply.”
  4. Enter the billing information.
  5. Once all information has been entered, click “Submit.”
  6. You should receive a confirmation email at the email address provided during registration.
  7. If you have any trouble or questions registering, please call us at 877-699-3226 or email us at office[at]nlwinternational.com.
What’s the refund policy?2022-10-04T21:19:39-05:00

You can receive a 100% refund 90 days before the event (or by December 1). You can receive a 50% refund 60 days before the event (by December 23). You can receive a 25% refund 30 days before the event (by January 23). After January 23, no refunds will be issued, but registrations can be transferred to another person at any time prior to the beginning of the conference. To claim your refund or make a transfer, you will need to email us: office[at]nextlevelworship.com

What does it mean to be an event host?2022-10-04T21:22:50-05:00

If you choose the host option you can pay one fee and host as many attendees as your facility will allow. There are some pre-requisites for being a host (high-speed internet connection, large screen for viewing with an adequate sound system, the ability to provide for small group leaders at your location), and therefore after you register, one of our team members will reach out to you to go over the details of hosting. If you have 7 or more people wanting to participate then purchasing a group pass is your best option!

Will the event be pre-recorded?2022-10-04T21:01:39-05:00

Due to internet instabilities from certain locations (we have speakers and praise teams leading from all over the world!) some sessions may be recorded in advance. However, our goal is to make as many of the sessions live and spontaneous as possible.

Will the event be recorded and those recordings made available?2022-10-04T21:02:17-05:00

We do plan to record the event. All sessions should be available for download to those who purchase a personal or group pass.

How can I involve my team to create an interactive experience with the online format?2022-10-04T21:03:22-05:00

We strongly recommend gathering your team together in one central location and participate together rather than from your individual homes and offices (consider being a host church and inviting others from your community). During the praise and worship times, host locations will have the option to have their own live praise and worship time.

Here are a few tips for anyone participating in the virtual retreat:

  1. Put the schedule on your calendar and block off the time just like you would an in-person retreat.
  2. Find a room/location that is free from distractions (tv, high traffic areas, loud noises, etc.).
  3. Communicate to your family/staff/team that you are unavailable during the retreat times (when participating in a virtual event at home sometimes family members think that it is “ok to interrupt”).
Got more questions?2022-10-04T21:03:57-05:00

Call us! We’d love to chat with you! Call our office at 877-699-3226 Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm Central time. Or email us at office[at]nlwinternational.com.

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