HE. WE. THEY. The Life-Altering Formula of the Model Prayer (ebook)

HE. WE. THEY. The Life-Altering Formula of the Lord’s Prayer is an in-depth devotional Bible study. It works well for individuals, small groups and church-wide campaigns on prayer. Written by best-selling author, Dwayne Moore, HE. WE. THEY. will deepen your prayer life as discover how to pray the “prayer model” each day.

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From the Back Cover:

“A breakthrough study on prayer! Wow!!! Very practical, relatable, understandable, and easy to put into action.” –Dr. Clay Hallmark, Pastor

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The Lord’s Prayer is meant for more than just funerals and weddings. As beautiful as it is to recite with congregations, it is of much more value than something to be used only in church services. We need to apply the powerful formula of Jesus’ prayer to our everyday lives.

HE. WE. THEY. will help you experience…

  • More intimate communion with God as a friend with a friend
  • More confidence in your relationship as the Father’s beloved child
  • More flowing & expressive times of praise
  • More use of the various names of God in your prayers
  • Less worry & more peace about personal & family struggles
  • More intentionality in praying for friends & loved ones
  • Increased appreciation for journaling your prayers & thoughts
  • Greater concern for others’ welfare, both physically & spiritually
  • More creativity in finding ways to praise the Lord & share him

Chapter Titles:

Week 1 Patterned Prayer

Day 1 Why the Model Prayer?
Day 2 What Prayer Is and Isn’t
Day 3 Pray Like This
Day 4 Worshiping through Prayer
Day 5 Fasting and Prayer

Week 2 Vertical Prayer

Day 1 Our Father
Day 2 Abba
Day 3 In Heaven
Day 4 Hallowed
Day 5 Your Will

Week 3 Personal Prayer

Day 1 On Earth
Day 2 Give Us
Day 3 Forgive Us
Day 4 Lead Us Not
Day 5 Deliver Us

Week 4 Kingdom Prayer

Day 1 For
Day 2 Yours
Day 3 Kingdom
Day 4 Power and Glory
Day 5 Forever

Week 5 Lifestyle Prayer

Day 1 Catalyst
Day 2 Cue
Day 3 Cacophony
Day 4 Commune
Day 5 Choice


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