Creating Space: Space to See, to Grow, to Be (ebook)

What could happen if you set aside a full month to create more space in your life and schedule? How might you change and grow if you made more room for listening each day? What if you focused more on being than doing? What might you discover about God, yourself and others? How might your eyes be opened to things you’ve missed? Imagine what could happen.

Buy this 31-day devotional by Dwayne Moore and take the journey to create more space in your life!

From the back cover: “Creating Space can help you see God more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly.”

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This journal includes daily scripture readings, so you won’t need your phone or anything electronic. The devotional book contains all you will need. The goal is for you not to be distracted by alerts on your mobile devices. Each day’s scripture reading includes powerful devotional commentary from well-known and respected authors such as C.H. Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, Vernon Whaley, Watchman Nee, Max Lucado, and Dwayne Moore.

This book won’t do all the thinking for you, however. There are lots of empty pages for you to journal your thoughts and to be creative! Each day includes three areas of journaling space for you to…

  • Think on it: What are your thoughts about today’s passage? Journal below.
  • Pray on it: Write a prayer to God below in response to today’s passage. Be sure you include thanking him and surrendering to him.
  • Create on it: What about the Scripture today inspires you? What can you create for or from this passage that reflects your heart? You might draw a picture that somehow expresses this verse and your thoughts about it, or you could write some song lyrics and a melody that flow out of these thoughts.

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