For the Bible Reading Plan on Worship…

Welcome to this exciting journey!

These commentaries were written by Dwayne Moore.

DAY 1: Genesis 1, John 1, Psalm 90

Theme: Greatness of God

In the beginning and even before the beginning God is. He has always existed and always will. He is the never-changing, all-powerful, one and only true God. This is where our worship must begin–with God and not with ourselves, with acknowledging His deity and greatness. Our lives on this earth are brief. Realizing this somber truth should motivate us to honor God in all we do.

DAY 2: Job 38-39, Psalm 46

Theme: Greatness of God

We can’t do anything, know anything or be anything without the Lord. A proper perspective of who God is–and who we are not–is fundamental to understanding and experiencing true worship.

DAY 3: Job 40-42

Theme: Meaning of worship

According to the last verse in his book, Job lived a long, full life–but not until he’d experienced loss as few ever have. In the end, he bowed his head in repentance, thanksgiving and prayer for his friends. Job showed us the heart of a true worshiper, who knew and faithfully honored his God.

DAY 4: Daniel 3, Romans 5, Psalm 51

Theme: Repentance and restoration

True worshipers love God and will bow to no one but Him. When worshipers go through trials, it makes them stronger and more devoted to God. Worshipers may still make mistakes and sin at times. When they do, their worship is restored when they confess and repent like David did.

DAY 5: 1 Corinthians 10, Hebrews 1, Psalm 34

Theme: Meaning of worship

We are not to worship idols, and we are to honor others above ourselves, doing everything for His glory. This is true worship before God. The Lord sits on His throne high above the universe and all He created. Our best and most natural response as worshipers is to magnify Him and encourage others to taste His goodness and know Him too.

DAY 6: Psalm 1, Hebrews 9-10

Theme: Meaning of worship

Our source of wisdom is God’s Word. As we meditate on it day and night, we are changed and become more fruitful in His work. The old system of worship in the Old Testament meant offering bulls and goats for our sins. Now, through Christ’s sacrifice, His laws have been written on our hearts as believers. True worshipers endure to the end through faith, holding tightly to His promise.

DAY 7: 1 Chronicles 21, Psalm 25, Isaiah 40

Theme: Meaning of worship

David brought shame and reproach on the people of Israel. Yet, God was merciful and accepted his offering of worship. The key here is that David paid for the land and offerings. He understood, as should we, that worship is costly. While our God is merciful and gracious, He is also the incomparable, omnipotent Creator. He has no equal. We must approach Him reverently and rest humbly in His grace, as eagles rest their wings on the wind.

DAY 8: Nehemiah 8-9, Psalm 92

Theme: Meaning of worship

Ezra and the Levites read from the Book of the Law for 8 days straight as all of Israel watched and listened. Their response was worship–not just bowing down, which they did, but also heart-felt repentance and solemn soul-searching. As true worshipers, we should be thrilled by God’s words and works, and we should continue to bear fruit for Him even in our old age.

DAY 9: Amos 4-5, Psalm 24

Theme: Repentance and restoration

The People of Israel thought performing certain rituals was all God required, and then once done, they could do whatever else they pleased. That is essentially a pagan notion. Without commitment to God’s law, we have no basis for standards of conduct. Our music and outward praise is noise to the Lord if our hearts aren’t sincerely in love with Him. We must have clean hands and pure hearts to dwell in His glorious presence.

DAY 10: Psalm 19, Matthew 5-6

Theme: Lifestyle worship

True worship begins with recognizing God is awesome and worthy of worship. The heavens He created constantly declare His glory. His Word should be trusted and heeded. Jesus’ powerful teaching on the Mount shows us how a worshiper should be and act. Those whose hearts are pure will see God. Above all, we should seek His Kingdom and live righteously.

DAY 11: Matthew 7, Psalm 42, Ephesians 1

Theme: Lifestyle worship

Jesus continues his teachings on the mount to his followers. He taught on things like prayer and how sin begins in our hearts. Our worship is first of all a heart matter and endeavor. We can be discouraged when we don’t see God moving and people praising Him like they should. We should encourage ourselves in the Lord, as David did. We should realize as followers of Christ that we’re seated in heavenly places with Christ with every spiritual blessing we need.

DAY 12: Ephesians 2-3, Psalm 96

Theme: Reasons to worship

Worship wouldn’t be possible without the love and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus. The Gospel truth sets us free to love and follow Him and know Him intimately. Paul understood God’s plan to save both Jews and Gentiles by sending His Son to earth. Psalm 96 perfectly expresses the praise and heart-felt worship we should give the holy Lord as the great judge who reigns.

DAY 13: Psalm 63, John 4, Ephesians 4

Theme: Meaning of worship

True worshipers seek the Lord and long for Him. They meditate on Him and are often motivated to praise Him with their hands and bodies. Real worship must be in spirit and in truth. The Father seeks such to worship Him. It is our choice to worship God not only with our lips but also with our lives as we live out our faith in front of others. In Ephesians 4, Paul gives some ways we should properly represent the Lord and walk worthy of Him in our daily lives.

DAY 14: Colossians 3, Hebrews 12-13

Theme: Lifestyle worship

Worship begins with setting our minds on the Lord and things above. As our hearts are set on Him, holiness should flow from our lives. Paul gives specific ways to honor Him in our families and lives. Since we’re receiving an unshakable Kingdom, we should be thankful and please God by worshiping Him with holy fear and awe. Every aspect of our lives should be a sacrifice of praise. He is the One who produces good things in us that please Him.

DAY 15: Genesis 17-18, Psalm 91

Theme: Reasons to worship

God’s great mercy and love are shown strongly in these chapters. He promised an older man with no children that he would be the father of many nations, and then God kept His promise to Abraham and Sarah, despite Sarah’s doubts. God listened to Abraham and was willing to spare Sodom from destruction. The Lord God is the rescuer and deliverer of those who worship Him with their lives.

DAY 16: Matthew 1:18-24, Matthew 2, Isaiah 9

Theme: Reasons to worship

The birth of Jesus was filled with praise from those who had been awaiting His arrival. What a celebration they had! This is the Messiah that the prophet Isaiah wrote about some 700 years earlier. A child was born to us, but not just any child. He is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. This awesome God-man is worthy of our worship!

DAY 17: Luke 2, Psalm 103, 2 Chronicles 20

Theme: Examples of worship

The sight of Jesus caused the wise men to bow down and worship Him, giving Him their treasures. That is the essence of true worship–to bow our hearts and lives before Christ Jesus and yield to Him all that we hold dear. Thinking of His many benefits should inspire our praise. Jehoshaphat and the Children of Judah lived out their faith-filled worship, marching toward their enemies, not with swords, but with enthusiastic praise.

DAY 18: 1 Corinthians 14Philippians 2:1-18,  Psalm 100

Theme: Instructions on worship

In public gatherings of worship, love should be our highest goal and guiding factor. Our aim should be to build each other up and conduct our services in a proper and orderly manner. While it’s certainly open for interpretation as to what’s proper and what’s not, the goal of showing love for each other is not up for debate. We must humble ourselves as Christ did. Ultimately, we should seek to enter His gates with thanksgiving and then go into His courts with praise.

DAY 19: Romans 10, John 14-15

Theme: Lifestyle worship

We cannot worship the Lord apart from His Spirit who lives and works in us. The Holy Spirit initiates the genuine praise flowing out of us. Until we call upon the Lord and place our faith in Him for salvation, we are unable to worship Him acceptably. Without the Lord we can do nothing. As we abide in Him and He abides in us, we can bear much fruit and bring great glory to our Father.

DAY 20: Genesis 6-7, Psalm 27

Theme: Lifestyle worship

In this reading, we can see a stark contrast between the people on the earth in Noah’s day and in Noah and David. The people of Noah’s era had evil on their minds all the time. It made the Lord so angry He decided to destroy all He’d created. Noah and his family found favor, however, because of Noah’s faithfulness and devotion to God. In the Psalms, David talked of enemies and evil people who surrounded him; yet, his focus and faith were on the Lord God. Noah and David both chose to praise God in the midst of adversity.

DAY 21: Genesis 8-9, Psalm 34

Theme: Examples of worship
“God remembered Noah;” “Noah built an altar;” “God blessed Noah.” What an amazing progression in Genesis 8 and 9. Noah’s unsolicited response to God’s favor was to worship. He built an altar so he and his family could give thanks to their God who had saved them. Noah’s son, Shem, also blessed the Lord. Praise was prevalent even among the earliest God-followers. Oh that we too will taste and see the Lord is good and worthy to be magnified and worshiped.

DAY 22: Exodus 14-15, Psalm 148

Theme: Greatness of God
When we read stirring accounts in the Bible of times when God miraculously saved his people, it should prompt in us the same response we see from Moses and Miriam after the Lord had parted the Red Sea and destroyed their enemies. All of heaven and earth should want to worship our great and faithful God. His name alone is exalted; His splendor is above heaven and earth. He truly is worthy to be praised.

DAY 23: Exodus 33-34, 2 Corinthians 3

Theme: Glory of God
Moses was desperate to have God’s presence go before them. He was also desperate to see a glimpse of God’s glory, if only His backside for a moment. Time invested in the Lord’s presence will always affect us. Others will notice the difference when they get around us. Only the Holy Spirit can lift the veil from our hearts so we can know Him better and shine His glory through us to reflect His light to the world. Worship of our great God will change us from the inside out.

DAY 24: Matthew 16, 1 Corinthians 6, Isaiah 50

Theme: Meaning of worship
It’s been said that truth can hurt. There’s a lot of tough truth in these passages. If we are serious about worshiping God, then we must deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Christ. We are to honor God with our bodies, and we are to listen for Him and obey Him. True worship is far from comfortable and convenient. Often it requires great sacrifice and devotion. (Good thing the Sovereign Lord helps us and is on our side!)

DAY 25: Matthew 21-22, Psalm 61

Theme: Meaning of worship
Jesus despised the noise of traders in the temple, but He stood up for the children who worshiped Him loudly with perfect praise. He was clearly against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. When they tried to trap Him regarding the most important commandment, His response described the essence of worship–to love God with everything in us and to love others as we love ourselves. “The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.” We should choose to sing praises to His name forever as we fulfill our vows to Him each day.

DAY 26: Luke 19, Psalm 48, Psalm 115

Theme: Greatness of God
God deserves our best worship. When we read these passages, we get the distinct sense that nothing can hold back praise to the awesome, one and only God. Jesus said if we don’t praise Him, the rocks will cry out. The Psalmist wrote that the dead cannot sing praises to the LORD; yet, we can praise the LORD both now and forever! What a privilege and responsibility.

DAY 27: Luke 21-23

Theme: Reasons to worship
The final days of Jesus on this earth are riveting to say the least. Faced with death, most would try to build themselves up in front of others and seek to escape pain and suffering. Yet, the Savior of the world took a towel and washed the feet of His disciples. He became the Suffering Servant to take away the sins of the world. No theology on worship is possible or complete without the message of the cross, and true worship can’t be experienced apart from the reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

DAY 28: Matthew 26-27, Genesis 22

Theme: Examples of worship
God rewards faith. When we hold nothing back but willingly give all we have to follow and obey Him, the Lord notices and blesses our sacrifice. Jesus set the example of how to respond to tribulation and suffering. He laid down his very life to honor His Father and forgive the sins of many. Who couldn’t worship a God who loves us this deeply? Abraham loved the Lord so deeply that he was willing to offer Him his own son. Worship should be more to us than mere theological thesis or intellectual acknowledgment. It should capture the deepest parts of our beings and saturate our hearts with true devotion and love.

DAY 29: Isaiah 53, John 18-19

Theme: Reason to worship
Isaiah prophesied what would become the most horrific and tragic event in the history of the world–the crucifixion of the Messiah, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Be careful not to skim over these chapters, thinking you already know this story. Let these verses soak deep into your soul. This story, this life-giving saga, can never be fully understood or appreciated. But the more we feel what He felt and imagine what He did for us, the more we’ll be inspired and broken to truly worship this Man of Sorrows, who was acquainted with tremendous grief.

DAY 30: Isaiah 1, Psalm 139, Psalm 116

Theme: Meaning of worship
God takes worship very seriously. The worship we offer Him must be acceptable to Him, or else He will reject it. Our worship must flow from hearts that love Him and honor Him with our lives. We must strive to keep our promises to the LORD in the presence of all his people. Like David, we need to pray, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.” When we fail Him, He forgives us and again makes us white as snow.

DAY 31: Malachi 1-2, Isaiah 61

Theme: Meaning of worship
The Lord didn’t accept the worship of the priests in the days of Malachi. When they cried out, “Why doesn’t the LORD accept my worship?” He told them it was because they had been unfaithful to their vows. The beginning of Isaiah 61 were the first words Jesus spoke and read in the temple after his baptism. It marked the start of His public ministry. Those same words can be applied to us who worship Jesus, for we too can bring good news to the poor and comfort the broken-hearted.

DAY 32: Malachi 3-4, Psalm 29

Theme: Greatness of God
God said He would purify the Levites, so that they may once again offer acceptable sacrifices to the LORD. In the same way we must be purified–forgiven through Christ’ blood on the cross–before our worship can be acceptable to Him. Then the LORD can accept our offerings brought to Him. Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings. Worship this great and glorious God. Worship Him now and forever.

DAY 33: 1 Peter 1-2, Psalm 84

Theme: Holiness in worship
Peter reminds us of the importance of holiness in following and praising the Lord. Key to these opening chapters of his letter is chapter 2, verse 9: “You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” The need for holiness in our worship is echoed in Psalm 84, verse 11: “No good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.”

DAY 34: Psalm 66, 1 Chronicles 15-16

Theme: Example of worship
These are passages of celebration for God’s goodness and greatness. He loves His children and clearly wants what is best for us. David realized God’s blessing and danced joyfully as the Ark of the Covenant was being carried into Jerusalem. The priests and people gave praise to the Lord in this amazing ceremony. They certainly shouted and sung loudly to celebrate God’s awesome deeds, as Psalm 66 instructs God’s people to do.

DAY 35: Luke 24, John 20, Psalm 47

Theme: Reason to worship
It’s impossible to worship the Lord unless we believe not only that He died but also that He rose from the dead and is alive today. The pinnacle of praise is recognizing God reigns; He is on the throne and in charge. “For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise. God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.”

DAY 36: Psalm 40, Revelation 7, Proverbs 2

Theme: Meaning of worship
God put a new song in our hearts when He saved us. Many will see our praise, see the way our lives have been changed and the hope and joy we have because we know Jesus. For all eternity countless souls will worship the Lamb. While still on this earth, worshipers should seek out wisdom in His Word as we would search for silver and gold. If we do, we will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

DAY 37: Exodus 40, 1 Timothy 2, Romans 1

Theme: Instructions for worship
There should be no doubt that public gatherings of worship are vitally important to God. This is evidenced by the highly detailed instructions God gave to Moses for how to construct and furnish the tabernacle. Of note is that God’s glory didn’t fill the tabernacle until Moses’ assigned work on it was finished. Paul’s instructions in 1 Timothy and in Romans regarding acceptable worship (and acceptable worshipers) cannot be ignored. We are each responsible before God to approach Him in an appropriate manner and to follow His instructions for public worship carefully and obediently.

DAY 38: Deuteronomy 5, Leviticus 1, Romans 12

Theme: Meaning of worship
Through our constant failure to obey them, the 10 Commandments serve to highlight our desperate need for a Savior to live His life through us. The Commandments should ultimately drive us to depend on God and worship Him rather than ourselves. The Burnt Offering was one of 5 offerings of worship the Israelites presented regularly to God. This offering was to be thoroughly burned and consumed. It was not to be shared or eaten by the priests or any others. In the same way we are to offer ourselves completely to the Lord as living sacrifices of worship, holy and acceptable to Him.

DAY 39: Deuteronomy 6, Revelation 4-5

Theme: Examples of worship
Worship boils down to obedience, but not obedience alone. True worship means obeying God out of love for Him and for others. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is called the Shema by the Jews and is the core Hebrew prayer. As Christians, we know that we can only love (worship) God completely when we love and follow Jesus Christ the Messiah. He is the Lamb that will be the focal point of a great worship gathering yet to come in Revelation 4-5. As you read it, imagine yourself in that scene. Get in some practice now reciting those powerful statements of praise to your Lord and Savior. What a day that will be when our Jesus we shall see!

DAY 40: Revelation 19-21

Theme: Reasons to worship
Today culminates this 40-day journey of discovering and experiencing true worship through the Scriptures. Congratulations on staying with it and finishing well! Read the final chapters of the last book in the Bible with awe and wonder. You can know full-well that all you read will indeed happen. Heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will not pass away. May it create in you a longing to see Jesus face to face and worship Him intensely for all eternity. May you be reminded of this truth: Only one life soon will pass–only what’s done for Christ will last.