Our Global Prayer Initiative is unique, powerful, and life-altering…

(This page contains companion resources for HE. WE. THEY. by Dwayne Moore.)

The Model

To help Christians understand and apply the Model Prayer as a prayer model or template in their daily lives.

The Materials

Email us to request a sample from HE. WE. THEY.

The Method

  • We plan to make HE. WE. THEY. available to download in several languages, so it is easily accessible for many people. (The paperback will still be available to purchase in English.)
  • We hope to create a central gathering place for the prayer community to share their experiences in worship and their prayer concerns and to pray for others.
  • We are doing a “soft launch” in 2021, during which time we only share the book with our NLW community and with influencers, pastors and worship leaders. We plan to “go public” in 2022 with a full roll-out of resources and translations.

The Mission

If you are a pastor or church leader or an influential community leader and you are interested in getting involved with our Prayer Model initiative, please contact us and let us know. We will get in touch with you to follow up.

We want to provide this in countries and places where they can’t afford to purchase the books. If your church can afford to purchase paperback books, that will help us with churches that can’t afford to pay to do the study. If you want to donate to support this global initiative, please DONATE here.

Small group materials and pastor’s sermon outlines for a church-wide campaign can be purchased from Dr. Clay Hallmark at clayhallmark[at]fbclexington.com.

Go here to watch the Impact Video from our first pilot church. It features testimonials from members of the church and Dwayne’s interview with Dr. Hallmark. (It’s a great video to show to your church and your key leaders!)

There are group questions at the end of each chapter of HE. WE. THEY. Additional small group materials can be purchased from Dr. Clay Hallmark at clayhallmark[at]fbclexington.com.

To connect with others who are reading HE. WE. THEY. and to share prayer requests, complete the form below.

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“This is good stuff! HE. WE. THEY. demonstrates the necessary link between our prayer life and our worship. My friend, Dwayne Moore, powerfully illustrates how our corporate worship is tied to our private worship. Using the model prayer as a guide, he helps all of us enter into the presence of our Lord. Highly recommend it!”

Phil Waldrep, evangelist and author

Phil Waldrep, Evangelist and Author

“Captivating. Compelling. Brilliant. Moving. Worshipful. Deep. Model. Meaningful. Life-changing. – These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of my friend Dwane, his ministry, and this book. I highly recommend you incorporate this new work into your devotional life.”

Greg Atkinson, Founder Worship Impressions & the First Impressions Conference

Greg Atkinson, First Impressions

“We all know we should pray. In HE.WE.THE.  Dwayne shows us how to pray. Birthed out of his own prayer life, Dwayne shares a practical framework in order to connect us to the Father. You will come away with a new understanding, stronger motivation, and deeper connection to Jesus.”

Scot Longyear, pastor and author

Scot Longyear, Maryland Community Church

“This book is among the very best stuff Dwayne has written. HE. WE. THEY. is sure to impact many churches and transform many believers into powerful, life-long prayer warriors. What a gift this is to the Body of Christ!”

Dr. Scott Dawson, evangelist and author

Scott Dawson, Evangelist and Author
“Living a life of worship cannot be separated from one’s life of prayer. They are two tributaries that become one river, merging into a powerful current for the glory of God and the benefit of the body of Christ. Dwayne Moore’s fine book provides a thoughtful approach for deepening the river.”

Dr. Constance Cherry, author and professor

Dr. Constance Cherry, Author & Professor