HE. we. they. prayer study

Good stuff!

This is good stuff! HE. WE. THEY. demonstrates the necessary link between our prayer life and our worship. Highly recommend it!

Phil Waldrep


Captivating. Compelling. Brilliant. Moving. Worshipful. Deep. Model. Meaningful. Life-changing. I highly recommend this.

Greg Atkinson
Founder, Worship Impressions

Sound & deep.

Theologically sound and deep. Yet, it is written in such a way that the average church member interacts with it very easily.

Dr. Clay Hallmark
President, TN Baptist Convention

A rare find.

HE. WE. THEY. is a rare find to help transform how you approach prayer and forever deepen how you relate to God and others.

Charles Billingsley
Worship Artist & Author

Helps you pray!

Dwayne Moore has written a practical and powerful guide to lead you in learning to pray. HE. WE. THEY. will help YOU PRAY!

Dr. Ted Traylor
Pastor, Olive Baptist Church

The HE. WE. THEY. Prayer Campaign Kit contains what you need to help your entire church pray & live the Prayer Model.

The goal of this Prayer Campaign is to help Christians learn to pray the Model Prayer as a prayer model (or template) in their daily lives. Read this brochure to better understand the Prayer Model and the campaign.

The HE. WE. THEY. Prayer Campaign is 6 weeks in length from start to finish. The pastor preaches an introduction each week in accordance with the given topic. (Sermon outlines are available in the Campaign Kit.) Then, church members read about each given topic using their copy of HE. WE. THEY. The Life-Altering Formula of the Lord’s Prayer. Then, small groups (or Sunday School classes) discuss this topic. Each week includes a teaching video for this purpose.


Look at ALL the great resources in the Campaign Kit for HE. WE. THEY. All this to help YOUR church experience deeper prayer & revival!

you can "Pray like this" right now!


Way before I wrote a book about it, I was praying HE, WE, & THEY during my prayer times. In fact, pictured is what I recently wrote in my prayer journal. Notice I walked through Vertical (which is the HE portion), Personal (WE), & Kingdom (THEY). I have grown to love following the Prayer Model of Jesus and praying “like this.” What peace & power it brings to my times of prayer with the Father. I encourage you to try it for yourself!

Follow the simple steps below to get started. Right click the image to save & use this page from HE. WE. THEY.
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About the Authors

Dwayne Moore is the founder and president of Next Level Worship International, Inc. He wrote HE. WE. THEY. The Life-Altering Formula of the Model Prayer. Dwayne discovered the "formula" of the Model Prayer when he was going through the book of Matthew in his quiet times. Dwayne is a prolific author of several books and Bible studies. He has ministered and taught in over 1000 churches and conferences.

Clay Hallmark

Dr. Clay Hallmark is pastor of First Baptist Church in Lexington, TN. He is also president of the Tennessee Baptist State Convention and past president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. He was a reading partner with Dwayne as Dwayne was writing HE. WE. THEY. It touched him so deeply that he asked Dwayne if he could write the small group materials and sermon outlines to use with his entire church.

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