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Many church leaders feel burnt out

  • Ever felt like you were drowning at times trying to train and lead a team?
  • Noticed there were very few tools and resources available?
  • Felt like you were trying to figure things out alone?

Our founder, Dwayne Moore, has served in churches of 100-2,500 people. He can relate to the great difficulties of being a church leader. What’s more, many people on our team serve in churches. Thus, encouraging and helping leaders are among our top priorities at Next Level Worship.

Any of this sound familiar, Pastor?

  • Got a complacent, disconnected congregation just going through the motions?
  • Concerned about the lack of depth in your worship team?
  • Have a gap in communication with the worship leader?
  • Need some personal encouragement and revival?


  • Engage in our global community of pastors & church leaders
  • Download samples of our resources and award-winning books
  • Purchase our proven materials on worship, prayer & leadership and use with your church

How it works


Join our community and tell us about you. We’ll point you toward steps tailored for you.


Get refreshment & renewal in ways that help you recharge alongside other leaders.


Unlock resources you need to grow from a vast network of lead worshipers.


Find joy in pouring into your local church and a global community of church leaders.

“Dwayne’s studies helped bring revival to my church.”

Dr. Clay Hallmark, President of the Tennessee Baptist Convention

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