Worship is more than music or something we do on Sundays. Worship should be our lifestyle, bringing glory to God in all we do. As people gaze on Him through worship, they will be changed from the inside out.

NLW International helps Christians learn how to love and worship God in their everyday lives. We want to help churches and leaders, no matter their location in the world or their economic situation. That is why NLWI is a non-profit, charitable organization.

We depend on donors and volunteers to help us “declare His glory among the nations” (Psalm 96:3). PLEASE JOIN OUR CAUSE.

Dwayne Moore, Founder of NLW International

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“Gaze on Him and be transformed.”


Missions and Ministry Endeavors for 2022


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Five Tips For Successful Worship Leaders: Tip #4

As worship leaders, we have ministerial duties that require us to reflect the love and truth of Jesus Christ in all that we say and do. We are not perfect but as teachers or worship pastors, we will be judged more strictly by others. That’s fair. “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly” James 3:1.

ReFOCUS ’23 Keynote Guest Speaker: Dave Edwards

Decades ago, Dwayne Moore and David Edwards were an evangelistic-duo. Dwayne would lead in a time of praise and Dave would bring the Word. Now, Dwayne is excited to have Dave as a guest speaker at this year’s ReFOCUS Retreat in Pensacola, Florida (also available online).

Walkathon Spotlight – Team Jon Tyner

“Let’s do something crazy,” says Jon Tyner. Jon and his team of three other men will be walking 24 hours non-stop to help Next Level Worship International raise money in support of our missionary efforts. Jon will be accompanied by his Associate Pastor, Shaun Pillay, an experienced hiker in his choir, Jack Siler, and another choir member, Josh DeWitt. “We are go-getters, willing to take on the challenge ahead of us.”


Do you believe true worship changes people? Are you looking for a ministry that combines worship with missions and discipleship? THEN JOIN OUR CAUSE.


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