Mike Sooy

US Events Coordinator

I have the honor and privilege to help organize and put together events in the US for NLWI. I love all of the amazing pastors and lead worshipers that I get to meet and connect with. It’s an amazing opportunity to help them in their ministries, but also be renewed and revitalized in my own ministries. This community of believers is one of the things that drew me into NLWI in the first place. The more you reach out and connect beyond your local church, the more you realize how big our God really is and that we’re not in this alone. There are people serving all over the world that are experiencing the same kinds of failures and successes that you are. That’s an amazing realization that completely changes your perspective on how you serve.On the occasion that I get some spare time, some things I enjoy are diving further into music, recording, tech gear, taking in a good movie or show, watching basketball, and a good nap never hurt anyone.I currently live in northwest Ohio with my amazing wife, Lindsay, and our two children, Clayton and Cora.There are a lot of verses that could be considered my “favorite”, but one that I keep coming back to is Psalm 33:3… “Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.”

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9 December


Old Fort, Ohio, USA

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