Mark Bazal

Pakistan Director

I’m Mark Bazal, and I am the Pakistan Team Leader for Next Level Worship International (NLWI). NLWI is a global organization founded by Dwayne Moore, and I was fortunate to connect with him in 2020 during a virtual meeting. We discussed the state of worship in Pakistan and realized there was a need to educate pastors and leaders about true worship.

Growing up, I always thought of worship as a routine practice done during services. However, after attending training sessions led by Dwayne Moore, my perspective on worship changed. I learned that worship is not just a ritual, but a way of life that should be practiced in every aspect of our lives.

Together with Dwayne Moore, we organized a Pastors and Leaders Conferences to train pastors and leaders in Pakistan about true worship. NLWI has trained many pastors and leaders through workshops and conferences.

As the Pakistan Team Leader for NLWI, I am passionate about continuing to educate and equip pastors and leaders about true worship. I am married to Karen, and we have three daughters named Winnifred, Genesis, and Dorothy. I understand the importance of family, and I believe that worship plays a vital role in strengthening those bonds.

I am committed to continuing my work with NLWI to elevate the worship culture in Pakistan and beyond.

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