Kabwe Musonda

Zambia National Team

I had been a part of a worship team since 11th grade, passionately singing for God but with no understanding of what true authentic whole life worship means. In 2015 I was previlledged to meet the founder of NLWI pastor Dawyne Moore, through my pastor, now African director of NLWI Donold Kutala. My entire understanding about worship changed from that point, I was sponsored, trained and equipped to give back and serve. I have been a part alot of ministeries under NLW here in Zambia, the sponsored leaders programme and part of the intensive school training programs.

God spoke to me about children and what an impact this knowledge would be on the children. NLWI then also included biblical worship training for children in what is now called worship bible school WBS, which I am a part of and helping to coordinate in Africa. Its exciting to be a part of this, to meet with other believers all over the world and to just honour God through my gifts.

I am Kabwe, a wife, a mother of four beautiful children, a children’s worker a worshipper and currently working with the choir here at Northrise University where i am working. A team of vibrant young people with the zeal of serving God, I am working with them to also understand true meaning of worship.WBS Coordinator