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“Nothing quite like seeing the hunger to grow and the fresh desire to worship from people in Africa. I love getting to help NLW International with missions and training.” — Stephen from KY

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We are currently looking for interns to travel to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe with us in August 2019 where we will conduct an Intensive School for worship leaders and pastors. If you hare interested, please complete the Interest Form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

NOTE: If you want to donate to support our intern program, please go here.

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Overview of the NLWI Summer Intern Program:
—5-week intern program with NLWI
—Begins with a week of pre-trip training in the USA
—Followed by 4 weeks of mission work in Zimbabwe, Africa
—Dates are July 21 through August 2​3
—Cost is $2600 plus flights
—For college students ages 18+
—Interns must agree with our Statement of Faith

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Here are some of the amazing things interns can experience with NLWI in Africa:
—Help instruct at our conferences and week-long worship Leader schools
—Lead praise and/or speak in African churches
—Build lasting friendships with local African church leaders
—Experience African culture and sightseeing
—Learn how to adapt worship ​leadership & ​theology to a different culture and musical style​

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Pre-trip training in the US includes:
—Practical ​instruction by qualified and skilled instructors
—Mock-up scenarios of likely ministry situations in Africa
—Safety and security training along with good general health precautions
—Training about local African culture and African church history
—In-depth teaching and discussion on missional worship theology
—​Reading and reviewing approved books on international culture and missional worship

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As an intern with NLW, this is the sort of thing you would get to do…
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Here is what we are looking for in interns…
—​Interns must be growing followers of Christ.
—​Interns must complete a thorough application and interview process.
—​A letter of recommendation may also be needed from your school's director or from your pastor or church leader.
—​Interns must have a heart for people and for the Lord and His Church.
—​We particularly need people with musical skills (particularly in piano, voice, guitar, drums, or theory), teaching skills and/or technical skills in video and sound production. Children's workers are also welcome and needed.

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